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Show HN: QR-to-QR – enables two phones (with front cameras) to share text


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Version 0.0.0

You are going to be ready to safe the app on Android from Google Play or Github Releases.

QR-to-QR logo

This novelty app permits a pair of phones
(that personal front going via cameras),
to part text the employ of QR codes.

Phones facing eachother, to communicate via QRs.

The gist:

  • Place aside phone A into send mode.
  • Place aside phone B into receive mode.
  • Place aside the 2 phones nose to nose (experiment with the gap).
  • You would possibly maybe maybe gape the QRs change, and the text progressively appearing on phone B.

(Demonstrate… it be no longer that instant.)

Video demo:

Still from demo video: two phones facing eachother with QR codes showing.

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