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Show HN: Ready-Made CRM, Project and Content Management on Notion


Purposeful Opinion workspaces steal hours to invent. To setup your self and your personnel, you would bear to learn, ideate, make, iterate, and prepare. Let Optemization steal care of this.

In two weeks flat.

📦 Ingredients

→ Eleven databases with properties and templates pre-built

  • Project management suite with for project, calendar, project databases
  • CRM suite with company, folk, industry, geography databases
  • Sources suite with for assert, matter databases
  • Workspace hierarchy with three high-stage pages
  • Eleven database templates
  • $1000 credit rating
  • 1 hour onboarding meeting

Customized Dashboards

→ Three customizable dashboards

  • Non-public dashboard
  • Vertical project dashboard
  • Horizontal project dashboard
  • Dashboard component library
  • 1 hour personalization meeting

Bonus Give a enhance to

  • Shared Slack Connect channel*
  • Curated Opinion updates and assert
  • Discounts on future products and providers and instruments

*Requires Well-liked Thought

🖥️ Demo

📆 Timeline

Six steps along with two conferences (example dates).

🗿Originate Installation

💬Onboarding Meeting

📦Ship Databases

💬Customization Meeting

📦Ship Dashboards

🗿Completion Installation

Oct 5, 2020

Oct 5, 2020

Oct 12, 2020

Oct 12, 2020

Oct 19, 2020

Oct 19, 2020

14 days

💳 Pricing

$3,000. Atomize up up as follows

🧾Deposit Cost

📦Add Credit rating

🧾Closing Cost

🔒 Checkout

You is doubtlessly no longer charged straight.

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