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Show HN: Simple 2D Physics Engine in JavaScript


A straightforward 2D physics engine written in expose to study extra about JavaScript


  • Circles!
  • Particles with assign, inch, and acceleration vectors! Within the form of circles!
  • Working projectile motion!
  • Bouncing off the sides of the canvas!


  • Modularize – the unique form element is gross, I ticket. I’ve by no device coded in JS sooner than so I scuttle to need to study the supreme solution to terminate this
  • Add unique ingredients:
    • Forces: (friction, gravity as a drive as an various of simply acceleration, and quite a lot of others)
    • Collision Detection
    • Springs
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • And More

The device it Works

index.html encompasses a . physics.js attracts interior that canvas. For the time being, one attracts by declaring one’s particles and calling the drawMany(particles) purpose on an array containing those particles.
The code currently attracts two particles with the identical downward acceleration and no horizontal acceleration. One has zero horizontal inch and the moderately a couple of has a fixed horizontal inch. They’re going to continuously be on the identical y-assign on the canvas due to their equal acceleration.

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