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Show HN: Static blog generator in about 1 KLOC


tumblelog is a static microblog generator. There are two versions
accessible, one written in Perl and one written in Python. Which
model you utilize is up to you; I achieve an effort to reduction the output of
both versions same.

The input is a single “Markdown” file divided into pages by starting a
line with a date adopted by a title. Every date online page can extra be
split up trusty into a pair of articles the usage of a single % on a line by itself.

Parameters to manipulate the blog are given via describe line
arguments. This diagram creates the blog HTML5 pages and both a JSON
and RSS feed.

Python Version Lickety-split Delivery

Set up sass and pip3 for Linux:

sudo just set up -y git sass python3-pip

For macOS:

brew set up sass
brew set up pip3


git clone
cd tumblelog
python3 -m venv venv
pip3 set up commonmark
source venv/bin/instructed
mkdir htdocs
sass --sourcemap=none -t compressed styles/steel.scss htdocs/steel.css
python3 --template-filename tumblelog.html --output-dir htdocs/ 
        --creator 'Test' --name 'Test Blog' --description 'Right here's a take a look at'    
        --blog-url '' --css steel.css

To inquire the generated tell at http://localhost: 8000/ enter:

cd htdocs
python3 -m http.server


Model Examples

A screenshot of the four styles that come with tumblelog

A screenshot of four of the twelve styles that reach with tumblelog.

The screenshots directory has 1:1 examples of themes that reach with


If you happen to exhaust to like your tumblelog generated tell listed, please let me know.

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