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Software/Services Thanksgiving


Software program/Services Thanksgiving

I’ve by no plot been a excellent fan of holidays, nor enact I feel Thanksgiving should always tranquil be a federal holiday, given its origins. On the replacement hand, in this time of lengthy-overdue criticism in the expertise press, I would in point of fact like to appropriate “The Spirit of Thanksgiving” and contend with the expertise companies who’s enterprise ethics align in the direction of the earnings of us customers, and who’s products are smartly-priced (or free!) and *in actuality gigantic*, for lack of an even bigger time period.

For reference, right here’s my bear checklist up to now:

1. Bandcamp

2. OBS!

3. Typora

4. GIMP!

5. NeoCities

So! I would in point of fact like it if you’d think on machine/products and services you use (or occupy feeble in the past) in this create. Thanks!

What products and services/machine are you most thankful for?

By no plot post passwords via Google Varieties.

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