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Sponsored Top Sites with Firefox 83


Backed High Sites (or “subsidized tiles”) is an experimental characteristic right now being examined by a shrimp share of Firefox users in a dinky assortment of markets. Mozilla works with advertising and marketing and marketing companions to effect subsidized tiles on the Firefox dwelling page (or Unique Tab) that is possible to be precious to Firefox users. Mozilla is paid when users click on subsidized tiles.

Privateness is elementary to Mozilla’s mission and we most moving work with advertising and marketing and marketing companions that meet our privacy standards for Firefox. Our present accomplice is adMarketplace.

Whenever you happen to click on a subsidized tile, Firefox sends anonymized technical data to our accomplice via a Mozilla-owned proxy service. This knowledge doesn’t consist of any for my piece identifying knowledge and is most moving shared if you click on a Backed High Assign of residing.

You will provide you with the option to disable a narrate Backed High Assign of residing by taking the next steps:

  1. Soar over the tile till the menu (three dots) looks to be
  2. Click on .

    top sites dismiss

You will provide you with the option to also disable Backed High Sites altogether.

  1. Click on the menu button

    New Fx Menu

    Fx57Menu and purchase Choices.Preferences.

  2. Exhaust out the Panel.
  3. Within the High Sites piece, unselect Backed High Sites.

    top sites selected

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