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Square Crypto Launched


Bitcoin is the finest money. It wants to be dilapidated adore it. We construct and fund free, open-provide projects aimed at making bitcoin the planet’s most smartly-appreciated forex.

Most modern Updates

Sq. Crypto Grants

We can’t hire every bitcoin developer and dressmaker. But we are succesful of financially toughen those with the imaginative and prescient to bring something particular to bitcoin.

Organization Grants

  • BTCPay Server

    BTCPay Server

    Our first grant recipient to safe a second, BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-provide funds processor that shares our blueprint of creating bitcoin basically the most smartly-appreciated formulation to pay.

  • Lightning Signer

    Lightning Signer

    Truly total LN infrastructure mission that improves security by enabling signed transactions inner project HSMs, mobile telephone stable facets, and hardware wallets.

  • The Eye of Satoshi

    The Sight of Satoshi

    LN-focused watchtower that displays blockchain transactions for malicious channel associates attempting to take off with diversified folks’s gorgeous money.

  • Chris Belcher’s CoinSwap

    Chris Belcher’s CoinSwap

    An evolution of the ways pioneered by CoinJoins, CoinSwap helps you to stay it to the individual by substantially bettering bitcoin’s privacy and fungibility.

Developer Grants

  • ZmnSCPxj


    A Lightning and C-Lightning legend, there’s finest so great we are succesful of grunt about ZmnSCPxj. And we won’t even grunt that resulting from you don’t stride by ZmnSCPxj whenever you occur to’re looking out for the limelight.

  • Jon Atack

    Jon Atack

    As soon as accurately described as “the bitcoin dev who appears basically the most like they are going to also body you at Tony Hawk’s Skilled Skater 2,” Jon’s been going ham on Core for a minute now, man.

  • Tankred Hase

    Tankred Hase

    UX-focused dev constructing Photon, a FOSS library that simplifies how sleek users web money off exchanges. No extra 24-be aware seeds. Correct enter a PIN and stride. But where will you stride?

  • Vasil Dimov

    Vasil Dimov

    15-year FOSS Feeble with a P2P and privacy focus working to add toughen for Tor V3 to Core. Comely fine of him.

  • Steve Myers

    Steve Myers

    Developer constructing the Bitcoin Pattern Kit, an all-in-one helpful resource that makes it 10x more uncomplicated for developers to develop on-chain bitcoin wallets. Produce.

  • Lloyd Fournier

    Lloyd Fournier

    If utilized cryptography experimentation library, change LN rate channel construct, and open DLC-primarily based oracle spec imply the rest to you… Lloyd?

  • Gary Fuches

    Gary Fuches

    Passionate point out for SegWit 2x and blockchain abilities, Gary change into our intern finest a year sooner than receiving our largest developer grant ever. God finest knows what he did with it.

Designer Grants

  • Christoph Ono

    Christoph Ono

    Designer bringing decentralized development to the 600+ individual Bitcoin Make Crew. Because the principle dressmaker grant recipient, he takes the blame if things invent not work out.

  • Thorbjørn König

    Thorbjørn König

    Thorbjørn brings 20 years of draw trip to radically rethinking how folks organize their non-public keys. Sure. We vetted him.

  • Johns Beharry

    Johns Beharry

    Hybrid product dressmaker bringing expose to on-chain, layer 2, CoinJoins, BLTs, PayJoins, and PSBTs by helping develop the funds half of the Bitcoin Make Files.

  • Daniel Nordh

    Daniel Nordh

    A contributor to the Bitcoin Make Crew since sooner than it change into a community, Daniel is helping create the non-public key management half of the Bitcoin Make Files.

  • Jamaal Montasser

    Jamaal Montasser

    Researcher deepening our working out of how folks utilize (and in all chance don’t utilize) the Bitcoin Core pockets, inserting reveal emphasis on UX, engineering, and accessibility.


Minute team. Huge mission. Medium-sized the entirety else.

  • Steve Lee

    Steve Lee

    Correct a popular bitcoin PM who doesn’t solid a shadow for some motive.

  • Val Wallace

    Val Wallace

    Lightning Network stan and author of our standard Twitter myth.

  • Arik Sosman

    Arik Sosman


  • Jeff Czyz

    Jeff Czyz

    Long-distance runner. Contemplative developer. On-line relationship profile with plenty to be desired.

  • Matt Corallo

    Matt Corallo

    Dev proficient in HTML and CSS. Known for his various sense of vogue and passive reach to social media.

  • Miles Suter

    Miles Suter

    Cash App’s bitcoin PM. Incorporated right here resulting from this draw doesn’t work without an supreme sequence of folks. Anyway, ask him regarding the moon touchdown.

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