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Stealth – Secure, Peer-to-Peer, Private and Automateable Web Browser


Tholian® Stealth is the automateable Internet Browser for the Internet of Knowledge.

Its scheme desires are increased Privateness, increased Automation, adaptive Semantic Figuring out
and efficient bandwidth utilization, irrespective of the associated price.

It is constructed by a outmoded contributor to both Chromium and Firefox, and is constructed out of non-public
opinion on how Internet Browsers could maybe additionally aloof strive to love the Semantic Internet.

Stealth empowers its Customers, not Online page Builders that would additionally (,will ,and did) abuse technologies
to compromise the liberty and rights of Internet Browser Cease-Customers.

Downloads / Releases

Stealth is in the in the intervening time in the Prototype Stage. Non-Atmosphere up Customers could maybe additionally not skills it important, as issues
are reasonably buggy and incomplete for the 2nd.

On the different hand, attributable to the belief of the exhaust of node.js and focussing on a privacy-oriented target market,
Stealth will in the commence be launched for MacOS and GNU/Linux.

(Get Hyperlinks will seemingly be inserted right here as soon as the Stealth Releases are ready for the overall public)


Stealth is both a Internet Scraper, Internet Carrier and Internet Proxy that can reduction its hang
User Interface (“Browser UI”) that is utilized the exhaust of Internet Applied sciences.

  • It is real by default, without compromise. It most productive supports DNS via HTTPS,
    and makes exhaust of explicitely https:// first, and fallsback to http:// most productive when
    well-known and most productive when the gain space used to be not MITM-ed.

  • It presents vivid Error Page wizards that info the user via eventualities
    when issues are damaged, from no domain resolved to download snapshot via internet

  • It is peer-to-peer and always makes exhaust of basically the most productive methodology to fragment resources
    and to attenuate bandwidth, that methodology downloaded websites are readable even
    when being totally offline.

  • It makes exhaust of blacklist-based entirely mostly Blockers that is on characteristic-parity with AdBlock Plus,
    AdGuard, Pi-Gap, uBlock Foundation and uMatrix (in the sense of “the total above”).

  • It makes exhaust of Optimizers to render most productive the just choices of HTML and CSS. These Optimizers
    make sure that no Client or See ever receives any malicious or unwanted allege,
    and it is written on-filesystem-cache (which is shared later to various peers) to
    make sure that particularly. All Optimizers are utilized across all Attach Modes, and
    the Attach Modes come to a decision what allege or media is incorporated.

  • It makes exhaust of whitelist-based entirely mostly Attach Modes that come to a decision what to load, with incrementally
    allowed parts (or media forms). By default, Stealth will load nothing. The Attach
    Mode subsequent to the address bar decides what’s loaded.

  • It makes exhaust of whitelist-based entirely mostly Attach Beacons that permit explicit choices on a Attach
    to be extracted as Knowledge – which in return support to prepare the Browser to love
    future same Websites on the gain more without declare. This could be considered as a finding out mechanism
    that is same to the “Reader Mode” in various Browsers, but even as handing over the
    cleaned allege to all linked Purchasers and Chums (at the side of Smartphones and Pills).

  • It never requests one thing else unnecessary. The cache is persistent till the user tells
    it to refresh the Attach manually (or a scheduled Get process runs for that URL).

  • It makes exhaust of have faith-based entirely mostly Chums to fragment the local cache. Chums can receive, interchange,
    and synchronize their downloaded media. Here’s particularly priceless in rural areas,
    where info superhighway bandwidth is sparse; and redundant downloads could be saved. Correct bookmark
    Stealh as a Internet App on your Android phone and likewise you may maybe additionally hang say access to your downloaded
    wikis, yay!

  • It goes to double-feature as a Impart-Auditing and Impart-Filtering Internet Proxy inside
    various Internet Browsers, which permits corporate-treasure setups with a shared peer-to-peer
    Cache and a local Internet Archive of the Internet.

  • It has vivid error going via. In case an online space just is just not available anymore, the
    stealth:fix-depend on error page permits to download websites automagically from depended on
    Chums or from the Internet Archive.

  • This ain’t your Mama’s Internet Browser. It totally disables to load ECMAScript in uncover
    to give a utilize to Privateness. Stealth additionally would not make stronger Internet Kinds or any Internet API that would additionally
    potentially ship info to the gain space.

  • Stealth could be scripted as a Internet Scraper inside node.js. The Browser
    is totally free-of-DOM, so each and each single process and interaction that the Browser UI
    does could be utilized in an automateable and programmable formulation, even remotely via
    depended on Chums the exhaust of Stealth’s peer-to-peer community services.

Stealth Manual (for Hackers?)

The Manual is in the in the intervening time intended for Builders which can additionally be new to the Challenge.
It explains all well-known themes to snappily commence up to hack around with Stealth and alter
it to fit your wants.

A User’s Manual doubtlessly will advance at a later point in time, as Stealth in the in the intervening time has no
public liberate but.


Must you don’t wanna deal with the native originate toolchain, this
is commence up as snappily as that you just may maybe additionally possess of:

  • Set up node.js version 12+.
  • Set up Ungoogled Chromium version 70+.
  • (Simplest MacOS) Alternatively Set up Safari version 12+.
  • (Simplest Linux) Alternatively Set up electron version 8+.
  • (Simplest Linux) Alternatively Set up gjs and WebKit2 GTK version 4+.
git clone;
cd ./stealth;

# Rep all the issues
node ./stamp.mjs;

# Originate Stealth Carrier (non-well-known debug flag)
node ./stealth/stealth.mjs --debug=true;

# Originate as Innovative Internet App
node ./browser/browser.mjs;

IMPORTANT: On Android, Stealth could be aged by visiting the URL and bookmarking it as
a Internet App. The Stealth Icon will seem on your dwelling mask mask, and it can maybe behave treasure a
native offline-ready cell app.


The sizzling roadmap is a combination of the /considerations section on GitHub/GitLab
and the parts which can additionally be going to be utilized in the reach future which can additionally be assign
collectively in the file.

As this project in its fresh manufacture is highly experimental system, those parts
can swap very fleet; and consequence in at least partial refactors of the codebase as

Must you may maybe additionally hang Concerns, Options or Options that can fit into Stealth, please open
up an Challenge and we are going to be ecstatic to discuss about it 🙂


Utilization of Stealth, at the side of its Browser and
Browser UI is licensed below GNU GPL 3.

(c) 2019-2020 Tholian(r) Network

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