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TamaGo – bare metal Go for ARM SoCs


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Copyright (c) F-Stable Company

TamaGo gopher

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TamaGo is a framework that lets in compilation and execution of unencumbered Accelerate
applications on bare steel ARM System-on-Chip (SoC) parts.

The initiatives spawns from the want of lowering the attack flooring of embedded
systems firmware by removing any runtime dependency on C code and Working

The TamaGo framework contains the next parts:

  • A modified Accelerate distribution
    which extends GOOS reinforce to the tamago target, permitting bare steel

  • Accelerate applications for SoC driver reinforce.

  • Accelerate applications for board reinforce.

The adjustments are supposed to be minimal for every the Accelerate distribution (< ~4000 LOC modified) and the target application (one import required), with a easy separation from other architectures.

Stable emphasis is positioned on code re-exercise from new architectures already
integrated at some stage within the conventional Accelerate runtime, gaze

Both aspects are motivated by the want of providing a framework that lets in
obtain Accelerate firmware development on embedded systems.

The new release for the TamaGo modified Accelerate distribution is
which adds
GOOS=tamago reinforce to go1.15.2.

Binary releases for amd64 and armv7l Linux hosts are available in.

The predominant documentation will also be chanced on on the
challenge wiki.

The equipment API documentation will also be chanced on on

The next table summarizes currently supported SoCs and boards.

Accelerate applications are merely required to import, the connected board equipment to
be definite that that hardware initialization and runtime reinforce takes contrivance:

import (
	// Example for USB armory Mk II
	_ ""

Kind the TamaGo compiler
(or exercise the newest binary release):

git clone -b newest
cd tamago-mosey/src && ./all.bash
cd ../bin && export TAMAGO=`pwd`/mosey

Accelerate applications will also be compiled with the compiler in-built the outdated step,
with the addition of about a flags/variables:

# Example for USB armory Mk II
  ${TAMAGO} create -ldflags "-T 0x80010000  -E _rt0_arm_tamago -R 0x1000"

Gaze the respective board equipment README file for compilation knowledge for
every particular target.

Gaze the respective board equipment README file for execution and debugging
knowledge for every particular target (valid or emulated).

The instance application
affords sample driver usage and instructions for native as well as emulated

tamago |

Copyright (c) F-Stable Company

This program is free tool: you can redistribute it and/or modify it below
the terms of the GNU Traditional Public License as printed by the Free System
Basis below model 3 of the License.

This program is distributed within the hope that this might maybe well well be vital, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; with out even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Gaze the GNU Traditional Public License for more particulars.

Gaze accompanying LICENSE file for corpulent particulars.

The TamaGo designate is customized from the Accelerate gopher designed by Renee French and
licensed below the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license. Accelerate Gopher vector
illustration by Hugo Arganda.

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