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Tasmota: Cloud-free open source smart home firmware for ESP8266 devices


When you wouldn’t like the willingness to tinker and learn… TURN BACK!.

Tasmota is now not a commercial product and reinforce is small. Are trying to be willing to analyze and therapy doubtless issues your self.

Tasmota logo

Tasmota is an originate offer firmware for ESP8266 based fully fully devices created and maintained by Theo Arends.

Every part started as Sonoff-MQTT-OTA with a commit on 25th January 2016. by Theo Arendst. Its unbiased used to be to accomplish ESP8266 based fully fully ITEAD Sonoff devices with MQTT and ‘Over the Air’ or OTA firmware.

What started as a straightforward ability to hack a cloud jog Sonoff Basic (one among the vital low-payment and accessible orderly dwelling devices on the market) into a in the community managed tool has grown into a fully fledged ecosystem for almost any ESP8266 based fully fully tool.


Any contribution helps our personnel and makes Tasmota better for the total personnel!

Every person is welcome and invited to make contributions to Tasmota Mission by:

  • providing Pull Requests (Capabilities, Proof of Ideas, Language files or Fixes)
  • attempting out contemporary released functions and portray factors
  • donating to accomplish hardware for attempting out and enforcing or out of gratitude
  • contributing missing documentation for functions and devices


Of us helping to retain the level to on the avenue:

  • David Lang providing initial subject determination and code optimizations
  • Heiko Krupp for his IRSend, HTU21, SI70xx and Wemo/Hue emulation drivers
  • Wiktor Schmidt for Travis CI implementation
  • Thom Dietrich for PlatformIO optimizations
  • Marinus van den Broek for his EspEasy groundwork
  • Pete Ba for more consumer qualified vitality video show calibration
  • Lobradov providing bring collectively optimization guidelines
  • Flexiti for his initial timer implementation
  • reloxx13 for his TasmoAdmin management instrument
  • Joachim Banzhaf for his TSL2561 library and driver
  • Gijs Noorlander for his MHZ19, SenseAir and as a lot as this level PubSubClient drivers
  • Erik Montnemery for his HomeAssistant Discovery idea and tons code tuning guidelines
  • Federico Leoni for persisted HomeAssistant Discovery reinforce
  • Aidan Mountford for his HSB reinforce
  • Daniel Ztolnai for his Serial Bridge implementation
  • Gerhard Mutz for multiple sensor & yell drivers, Morning time/Sundown, and scripting
  • Nuno Ferreira for his HC-SR04 driver
  • Adrian Scillato for his (security) fixes and enforcing and sustaining KNX
  • Gennaro Tortone for enforcing and sustaining Eastron drivers
  • Raymond Mouthaan for managing Wemos Wiki recordsdata
  • Norbert Richter for his instrument
  • Andre Thomas for providing thehackbox OTA reinforce and each day trend builds
  • Joel Stein, digiblur and Shantur Rathore for their Tuya research and driver
  • Frogmore42 for providing many subject answers
  • Jason2866 for platformio reinforce and providing many subject answers
  • Blakadder for managing the contemporary legend place aside and providing template management
  • Stephan Hadinger for refactoring light driver, improving HueEmulation and Zigbee reinforce
  • tmo for designing the legitimate Tasmota notice
  • Stefan Bode for his Shutter and Deep sleep drivers
  • Jacek Ziółkowski for his TDM management instrument and Tasmotizer flashing instrument
  • Christian Staars for NRF24L01 and HM-10 Bluetooth sensor reinforce
  • Paul Diem for UDP Community verbal replace reinforce
  • Jörg Schüler-Maroldt for his initial ESP32 port
  • Many more providing Pointers, Wips, Pocs, PRs and Donations


This program is licensed below GPL-3.0

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