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Tell HN: Rackspace apparently lost some storage volumes


First, RS has told us that they're migrating some volumes and that'll require downtime:

1st of Oct:

“The above volume has been selected as on hand to clone and migrate to forestall being tormented by the maintenance listed below. If the amount migration is now not performed sooner than October 16 at 22: 00 CST, this might occasionally in all probability be tormented by the below work. Original volumes and clones of existing volumes shall be positioned in the fresh datacenter field and can also fair now not be tormented by the below work.”

5 hours in the past:

“Unfortunately you have gotten one or extra volumes that we have now not but been in a field to bring succor online. The following volumes are impacted by this enviornment:”

Then a couple of minutes in the past:

“Following extensive troubleshooting we have been unable to bring the host server on which your volume is hosted succor online and as such we are unable to gather better records for your software program.

You have the choice to deploy a brand fresh Cloud Block Storage software program.”

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