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The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case


The Amstrad CPC 472 is an 8-bit Microcomputer of the Amstrad stamp, belonging to the fundamental differ of CPC (Colour Non-public Computer) and offered completely in Spain between 1985 and 1986. It’s a long way a non-public computer nearly comparable to its predecessor, the CPC 464.

At the perceive, it’s simplest eminent by the show cloak cloak printing of the case, the assign the «64» is changed by a «72», nonetheless, it has a particularity that makes it special: those additional 8 KB of RAM that indicates its title and that are accompanied by a hilarious and now and again even loopy legend. A succession of anecdotes, occurrences and arguing that can satisfaction essentially the most phenomenal by the history of microinformatics.

To illustrate, no longer everyone knows that the CPC 472 owes its existence to yet one more 8-bit microcomputer: the Dragon. Had it no longer been for the emergence of Dragon computers in the Spanish computer scene, the Vary of the Amstrad CPC would accept as true with long gone from model 464 to 664 and accomplished in the 6128 (no longer counting the plus differ). Alternatively, the Dragon stamp changed into once decisive for Amstrad to purchase out in Spain, and simplest in Spain, its model 472.

How and why did it all happen? It’s an enticing legend, fats of valorous characters, enterprise odagos, impact-trade and even palatial intrigue. But let’s originate before everything….

Dragon, the microcomputer made in Spain

In 1982, Dragon Knowledge changed into once a subsidiary of a British toy firm known as Mettoy, which then had financial considerations. They procure more funding from a series of sources, surely one of them being the Welsh Construction Attach of enterprise. This skill that, this UK-constituting nation strikes the Dragon factory and started producing mass microcomputers.

Alternatively, after masses of enterprise vicissitudes, in 1984 the majority distributor made up our minds to desert its distribution and purchase a demonstration at to resolve the stamp. Plenty of bids from companies a lot like Tandy or Philips attain into play, but at closing it changed into once Spain’s Eurohard who offered Dragon’s simplys for 150 million pesetas (nearly one million euros), which accounted for below a third of its valid value. In opinion, it gave the impression devour a correct deal.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 2
Dragon 32

Eurohard’s directive moved in the high circles of Spanish politics. Its president, Eduardo Merigó, had been Secretary of Instruct with Adolfo Suárez, promoter of the Liberal Democratic Party and president of Visa España. No person better connected than him to procure the money wished to purchase a bankrupt factory in Wales and region it up on Spanish territory.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 3
Dragon 200 sign, exhibiting its Extremaduran foundation

It secured funding, amongst others, from the Society for Industrial Construction of Extremadura (SODIEX) and, with the ambition of increasing a species of Silicon Valley in Extremadura, offered the rights to Dragon computers and that’s how Eurohard began manufacturing and distributing them in Spain.

Dragon, the Extremaduran computer

The underlying opinion changed into once to procure its foot into the Athena Venture, an experimental nationwide thought that aimed to introduce contemporary knowledge applied sciences into Spanish standard (EGB) and secondary (BUP) teachings. The requirements for the equipment were as follows:

  • CP/M working gadget for 8-bit computers, and MS-DOS for 16-bit computers.
  • 64 KB RAM.
  • 5 1/4″ floppy disk pressure
  • Colour and high resolution of the show cloak cloak.
  • Classic, Pascal and Logo languages.

In the initial thought, Athena intended to position 5 microcomputers into 2,300 schools, which fervent promoting bigger than 10,000 groups, now to no longer point to the selling and visibility that such an institutional presence would supply. An savory and hearty candy for any firm.

Dragon computer advert in 1985

Sadly, Eurohard’s leaders failed to convince the Minister of Training and Science, socialist José María Maravall, and the Athena mission changed into once at closing nurtured with mostly international groups (Olivetti, IBM, Fujitsu…), with MS-DOS-devour minded PCs being most well-appreciated as an working gadget. To confirm, international manufacturers additionally had their contacts in critical circles of strength.

Despite the clarity of the technical specs (in conjunction with the 5 1/4 floppy disk), we can uncover on the Net testimonials from folk who had at their Amstrad CPC 6128 schools and even Spectrum with out a disk pressure, so it follows that the utility of Venture Athena changed into once additionally no longer very strict. After all, Eurohard’s administration failed to purchase over this succulent enterprise for its Dragons and, at most, a few microcomputers of the stamp would region as a lot as enter the Spanish faculty rooms, which changed into once a famous economic blow to the firm’s ambitions.

The Spanish tariff coverage

Alternatively, no longer all aces had fallen out of their sleeves. What Eurohard did procure from the Spanish executive, in this case the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Solchaga, changed into once Royal Decree 1215/1985, of 17 July, amending distinct subheadings of the customs tariff, which imposed the importation of a colossal sequence of digital machines and, in this methodology, it changed into once intended to curb the interferences of international computer manufacturers on the Spanish market. Tariffs ranged from as a minimum 15,000 pesetas (90o) to a cooler of 300,000 pesetas (about 1,800 euros).

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 4
BOE num. 177 – 25 July 1985 – Royal Decree 1215/1985

«That’s what I did. Since we were liberals of foundation, we hesitated. But we additionally belief that as unbiased a diminutive boy you had to provide protection to yourself from the colossal ones,» Eurohard CEO Javier Saavedra recalled as a political feat. In his statements he hints that, being liberal (we accept as true with already commented on connections with the Suarez executive), they did no longer think in tariffs, but it appears that when their beliefs clashed in opposition to their interests, they made up our minds to accept as true with other principles. Years later, this felony educated by profession changed into once convicted of yet one more subject to 6 months in prison and barred by the Supreme Court docket. We quit no longer know if he played any position in the irregularities that helped sink the producer of Dragon computers. It’s a long way a subject that exceeds the purposes of this article. We can stick with what considerations the seems of CPC 472.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 5
Javier Saavedra, CEO of Eurohard

Going support to the legend we’re attracted to, these businessmen had long gone too a long way. They had been overly valorous with their tariff transfer. Trade pressures from international groups did no longer wait. They counterattacked and compelled the Spanish executive to rectify its coverage. This skill that, something decisive took assign for the seems of the Amstrad CPC 472. Right here’s the intention it took assign.

CPC 472 and Royal Decree «enlighten«

After the manager’s summer holidays ended on August 28, 1985 and proper a month after the first decree, there changed into once a council of ministers. A correct tug of ears must had been given to Mr. Solchaga, on tale of that same day the minister changed into once traveling to the Balearic Islands (as peaceable deepfb in cpcwiki, article devoted to 472) to procure the signature of his majesty King Juan Carlos, who changed into once peaceable there on vacation rest with the household, and thus be ready to urgently put up Royal Decree 1558/1985 of 28 August, clarifying the scope of the enlighten minimum presented in subheading 84.53.B.II of the Customs Tariff, by Royal Decree 1215/1985.

On the total, this contemporary decree rectified the previous one and taxed with a single tariff of 15,000 pesetas, now to no longer any digital machine, but particularly to microcomputers with RAM no longer exceeding 64 KB. Thus, no lower than, Dragon made issues refined for international opponents in its enlighten niche market.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 6
BOE num. 211 – 28 August 1985 – Royal Decree 1558/1985

In case you perceive on the text you will glance that, in disagreement to the previous decree, which is initialled in Madrid, this Royal Decree changed into once in actuality given in Palma de Mallorca. After all, we can glance in the click library of the time that, correct the night sooner than, their majesties had been for dinner with the Balearic authorities. All this offers an opinion of the haste with which the correction of the protectionist coverage sought by the Spanish producer needs to be rectified. As deepfb states in the above-talked about article of cpcwiki, it’s to be imagined that the stress got by the Government of Spain by international capital had to be very high.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 7
Details of the ABC newspaper of August 28, 1985, the same day because the signing of the second RD

At closing, to grunt that every this effort and political outrage had very diminutive methodology to dart, on tale of Spain would enter the European Economic Community a few months later, on 1 January 1986, and its tariff policies would be contingent on the signing of this treaty and, de facto, suspended.

Alternatively, this short duration of a few months, wherein microcomputers of 64 KB or less were taxed with an import tax, changed into once ample for Indescomp (later Amstrad Spain) for the belief, gestation and birth of the Amstrad CPC 472. A 72 KB microcomputer appeared on the scene, as its title indicated; that is, bigger by 8 KB to the 64 that the Spanish tariff coverage put by limit and, therefore, a non-public computer that shall be imported to Spain from Korea (country of manufacture) without paying a tough time. Spirited, isn’t it? And something deceptive, too, as we’ll glance below.

The birth of the Amstrad CPC 472

«In August 1985, I got a awe name from Dominguez, who told me that he had a most famous grunt, that every 64 KB computers and fewer were prohibited from importing into Spain», are the phrases of Sir Alan Sugar, the creator of Amstrad, in his autobiography entitled «What you glance is what you procure«, published in 2011.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 8
Dominguez and Sugar on the cloak of the ebook «We Prefer Your Cash»

José Luis Domínguez changed into once the president of Indescomp, a runt Spanish abilities firm. Dominguez changed into once very attracted to bringing Amstrad’s performance to Spain, so he went to spy Sugar with the draw of giving him two games: La Pulga (Roland in the Caves) and Fred (Roland on the Ropes). After enduring the British tycoon’s displeasure, he got a licence to sell Amstrad in Spain, reaping a clamorous bestseller to the shock of the English entrepreneur. After so grand effort, your mood would be understood when the Dragon boys put the stilt on the Spanish market. Alternatively, Alan Sugar came up with an answer of dubious ethics.

«I remembered that nearly twenty years earlier there changed into once a pattern in the portable transistor radio market, so the more transistors there had been on the radio, the better it changed into once talked about to be. The truth changed into once that these radios simplest wished six transistors to work, but some Hong Kong manufacturers passe to stay four extra transistors, which did nothing,» says Alan Sugar in the aforementioned autobiography.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 9
CPC472 without eñe and with standard 1.1

Belief and accomplished. They employed the firm Orion to assemble a further board that they’d add to the CPC 464, from the assign they’d dangle the additional 8 KB of memory, which would no longer essentially be connected. They swiftly changed the show cloak cloak printing of the CPC 464 of the housing, handbook and containers. This skill that, in a file time of simplest two weeks, they were manufacturing a recent advert hoc computer for the Spanish market, which arrived in time for the Christmas campaign: the Amstrad CPC 472, which would carry the Classic 1.1 model and the English keyboard, without eñe, which changed into once then carrying the CPC 464.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 10
Amstrad CPC 472 Particular person’s Manual

It could perhaps perhaps be considered that in the haste the total particulars were no longer well closed. To illustrate, the handbook changed into once an obvious copy of the 464 handbook with some adjustments. «CPC 472» would be be taught on the support of the ebook, but absurdly the cloak remained the same. They presented an impromptu addenda to focus on the variations with the previous model, each and each in the hardware and additionally in the utility (some Classic commands changed in model 1.1 of this working gadget). They invented a technical stunt to account for excess memory, a lie they falsely justified on the first web page of the particular person handbook addenda, reproduced below.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 11
Excerpt from the addenda of the CPC 472 handbook

It’s explained in the text that the additional eight KBs are passe by the processor to manage the contemporary Classic 1.1 commands, something that technically does no longer assemble sense (the CPC 664 additionally carries Classic 1.1 and saved the 64 KB) and that physically it could perhaps perhaps well be verified that it’s no longer simply, since the memory is no longer in actuality connected, even though it’s welded.

  • The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 12
  • The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 13

The CPC 472 and Spanish keyboard with «ñ»

This addenda, by the methodology, would be eliminated from the handbook in the subsequent model of 472, which would return to Classic 1.0 and carry Spanish keyboard with eñe.

Certainly, the Spanish executive would are trying to assemble yet yet one more are trying to provide protection to its house market. An earlier Royal Decree had already specified that the keyboard demonstrate terminals could well simply peaceable comprise the letter eñe, but it changed into once on March 15, 1986 when Royal Decree 2707/1985 appeared in the BOE, December 27, which broadcasts that the technical specs of teleprinting equipment, printers and digital typewriters and their approval by the Ministry of Trade and Vitality, the assign the then Minister of Trade and Vitality, Joan Majo Cruzate, declared Spanish keyboards compulsory with ñ, are declared compulsory.

Alternatively, this changed into once no grunt for Amstrad’s males, who were no longer attracted to arguing with the Spanish executive or their clients.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 14
BOE num. 64 – 15 March 1986 – Royal Decree 2707/1985

They were distinct about it and they didn’t conceal it: they correct wished our money. On this sense, they could well simply no longer be more correct. Therefore, they changed the keyboards of the Amstrad CPC 472, included the eñe, eliminated the stamp from the british pound, and, by the methodology, returned to the ROM that included the Classic 1.0 version, more devour minded with the tape utility. Thus changed into once born the second model of 472, wherein they no longer afflicted to excuse the additional 8 KB of RAM.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 15
CPC 472 with letter ñ and standard 1.0 (picture taken from cpcrulez, normal picture by Noel Llopis)

Precisely, this deepest computer changed into once brought by the Three Spirited Men at Christmas 1986 to the house of the author. This is the mannequin to which I owe my predilection for the Amstrad CPC.


It grew to turn into distinct that in the face of tenacious entrepreneurs intelligent on the edge of morality and with a voracious starvation for income, Spain’s attempts to provide protection to its inner market were fruitless. Amstrad changed into once unwilling to let dart of the Spanish chunk and it changed into once shown that there changed into once no coverage to cease him.

Eurohard, for its allotment, changed into once death sinking and Dragon computers were sadly on the verge of extinction, even though they continued a couple more years, wherein they fattened money owed that their creditors could well never gather.

A diminutive bit later, when Spain performed consolidating its entry into the EEC, the country aligned its tariff coverage with the remainder of Europe and Amstrad simply returned to the commercialization of the CPC 464, this time with the Spanish keyboard it had already developed for the Amstrad CPC 472.

Therefore, the industrial chronology in Spain of those CPCs changed into once as follows:

  1. CPC 464 with British keyboard and Classic 1.0
  2. CPC 472 with British keyboard and Classic 1.1
  3. CPC 472 with Spanish keyboard and Classic 1.0
  4. CPC 464 with Spanish keyboard and Classic 1.0

The regression to the 464, now with Spanish keyboard, changed into once yet one more relaunch of bigger than one product several cases reinvented and more metabolic gross sales for the subsequent Christmas campaign. All the pieces changed into once reinterpreted as an advantage. There changed into once no methodology to cease them.

Amstrad’s success changed into once unstoppable and, as Alan Sugar says in his memoirs, they had shown two fingers to the Spanish executive. What the eminent English entrepreneur with Lord’s title does no longer give an explanation for changed into once whether or no longer those two fingers constituted the label of victory or, seemingly, a more outrageous gesture. Alternatively, vivid its chaotic and unkind character… I accept as true with there’s diminutive doubt in the answer.

The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case 16
Sir Alan Sugar

To the taste of a correct cup of your popular drink, you shall be ready to abilities the restoration and tuning of an Amstrad CPC 472, besides as its history (documented in step with this article) in the video of our accomplice Noel Llopis on his Youtube channel:

Amstrad CPC 472: The Tax-Dodging Computer

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