The Kate Text Editor and the Tab Bar – Release 20.12


A tab bar, that’s easy, or?

It is doubtless you’ll perchance well think so…
However this topic seems to be indulge in an enduring toddle ;=)
Or working in circles…

Moderately of history

The defective past with out tabbing (lengthy arrangement reduction, a ways a ways away…)

Kate did a lengthy time now not indulge in tabbing.
My preliminary create became as soon as a MDI editor with a list/treeview for the file probability.

We had splitting very soon and a few when in-between we had tabs spherical the split areas (indulge in in wonderful broken-down Konqueror).
However we had no tabs for paperwork.
The tabbing for the split views became as soon as eradicated but again later, as shut to no one understood and even found it 😉

Here is a pair of wonderful broken-down Kate, (alias Kant) screenshot from the wonderful broken-down KDE 2.2 occasions.

As you might perchance well perchance gaze, that is the stale past.
We inclined CVS, the Precise Player became as soon as a thing on Linux (I suspect I had some ‘The Secret of Blue Water’ soundtrack as rm recordsdata) and I became as soon as younger and good and added nicknames all over the set to my copyrights.

The wonderful broken-down occasions with completely different tabbing variants (KDE4 basically based fully Kate)

The KDE4 variations of Kate had two plugins to take care of tabbing paperwork.
No amusing story, we had a pair of for that ;=)
I basically indulge in basically no valid memory how they behaved, my cloudy memory correct tells me “indulge in some tab bar”.
However sure, there were variations that made it worth to indulge in two plugins doing this, as no one had the time to unite them.
For folks , this commit eradicated them.

Here both variants in actions.

I have to admit, I will’t consider if I ever basically enabled them on my standard set up for the rest beside a rapid test.

The preliminary KDE Frameworks 5 noxious Kate variations – LRU is chilly

At some stage within the Kate/KDevelop/Skanlite Scuttle in 2014, we implemented the tab bar as inclined in Kate as a lot as and including the 20.04 launch.
Or more proper, Dominik implemented it and I raged spherical about how chilly LRU is.
That I work on static analyses for cache replacement policies might perchance well want had some affect…

This tab bar reveals the paperwork you might perchance well perchance be working on in a least lately inclined (LRU) style.
It most efficient reveals as many tabs as fit into the tab bar, since we desire to steer clear of horizonal scrolling (it does now not scale).
If now not all paperwork fit into the tab bar, correct utilize the Paperwork tab on the left, or the like a flash begin icon within the glimpse set tab bar bar on the supreme to to launch like a flash begin.

Here some a miniature little bit of later screenshot from after Akademy 2014.
Appears to be like already roughly indulge in we kept it as a lot as 2020.

Dominik further sparkling-tuned that over the year, the styling bought even nearer to a normal tab bar and tabs bought movable.

Here’s the tab bar variant I basically basically advise in self belief to utilize.
Per chance which potential of it became as soon as “default” on and I cherished the LRU habits.

Kate 20.08 – the return of the “standard” tabbing

Whereas some of us looked as if it could perchance most likely perchance well also be proud of the LRU tabbing, we bought on the completely different aspect plenty complaints about it in bugs and completely different feedback.
For hundreds of folks, it became as soon as correct to alien when in contrast to the tabbing you indulge in shut to all over the set else.

If more customers cherished it the LRU variant than now not is now not easy to sing, as we on the entire salvage most efficient feedback that is “detrimental”.
Unhappy customers are sadly normally more wanting to send some mail (or file a malicious program, why would you file one, while you happen to might perchance well be proud of the behaved…)

Tomaz stepped up in this merge seek info from to rectify the difficulty and port our tabbing to a generic QTabBar basically based fully model.
Beside fixing some minor styling elements, this presents a more “overall” tabbing indulge in of us are inclined from their browser.

I became as soon as comfy with this and we merged this sooner than the Kate 20.08 launch.

And then we were happy eternally…
Or now not..

Kate 20.12 – the return of LRU, sure basically, it is reduction, but optionally

As we idea, now not all of us were proud of the original habits.

I already seen at some level of my indulge in work (I on the entire utilize some Manjaro Linux with the default put in Kate model for my on a normal basis work) that the same old tabbing every so gradually is lacking, while you happen to might perchance well be inclined to LRU and now basically the most lately inclined stuff isn’t staying visible, but you indulge in roughly correct the begin expose within the tab bar and are scrolling spherical plenty at some level of switching.

The same concern bought expressed in various malicious program studies.

For that reason of this reality, I re-implemented the LRU habits, but restful the utilization of basically the most up-to-the-minute QTabBar implementation and no custom widget.
And this is now non-compulsory, default off, you might perchance well perchance correct configure some limit for the likelihood of tabs you need to indulge in.
As lengthy as you set of residing no limit, the same old tabbing habits will be inclined, while you happen to position of residing some limit, the broken-down LRU algorithm is inclined.

Peep this merge seek info from for the concrete code changes.

No screenshot here, as it correct looks 1:1 the same as the above 20.08 screenshot, correct the likelihood of tabs is limited and in snarl that they’re changed in internet page of the scrolling arrows you indulge in in any other case.
Here’s basically a operate, as the a miniature little bit of completely different styling became as soon as surely one of many elements mounted with the 20.08 change.

Is that this now the cease?
I roar or hope now not, as there is by no arrangement the “closing” repair or resolution for the rest that is restful in vigorous utilize.
And I hope Kate stays in vigorous utilize.

However I suspect, Kate 20.12 will indulge in the most practical doubtless of both worlds.

For the common particular person, the default tabbing habits is correct indulge in the understand it from e.g. their browser.
My change ought to now not indulge in an impact on this utilize case the least bit, zero habits changes.

For folks indulge in me, they’ll swap over to the LRU habits (and now even configure how many LRU tabs they’ll have to indulge in visible).

However hello, I will have to indulge in…

You indulge in more wants for tabbing or completely different stuff?
You are going to be in a internet page to code?
Trace up and present some patch to us on our GitLab occasion.

Will indulge in to you indulge in feedback on this post, utilize this thread on reddit.

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