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The Poor, Misunderstood InnerText


Few things are as misunderstood and misused on the on-line as innerText property.

That quirky, non-customary procedure of ingredient’s textual insist retrieval, presented by Net Explorer and later “copied” by each WebKit/Blink and Opera for web-compatibility causes. It be most often considered alongside with textContent — as a immoral-browser procedure of utilizing customary property followed by a proprietary one:

Or as the principle webcompat culprit in moderately a range of Mozilla tickets — since Mozilla is one in all the fully most well-known browsers refusing to add this non-customary property — when somebody would not know what they’re doing, skipping textContent “fallback” altogether:

innerText is rather worthy repeatedly frown upon. After all, why would you notify to occupy to utilize a non-customary property that does the “same” thing as a old-fashioned one? Only just a few of us mission to in fact study the diversities, and on the surface it with out a doubt appears as there might per chance be none. These peculiar adequate to study extra most often manufacture catch them, but fully miniature ones, and fully when retrieving textual insist, no longer surroundings it.

Aid in 2009, I did appropriate that. And I even wrote this StackOverflow solution on the actual differences — miniature whitespace deviations, things admire inclusion of

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