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Themed days, Timeboxing and why you should use them


Beget you ever ever questioned how Elon Musk is working two billion-greenback companies without extend? Musk is a appealing example of any individual that manages his time so successfully that he can work 100 hours every week and restful arrange to make a choice time out for his leisure pursuits, family, and even Twitter! So, how does he attain it?

Musk is basic for utilizing timeboxing arrange his time successfully. He makes use of timeboxing from the 2d he wakes up within the morning where he assigns every time block to a definite process that he desires to complete on a giving day. This timeboxing manner will also be feeble for any responsibilities starting from writing emails, scheduling conferences, meditating or anything else that that that you just can well possibly likely love to attain on a particular day.

Sooner than I began utilizing timeboxing, I learned about one more methodology called Themed days. I made a decision to mix both to maximise productiveness. Themed days are strategically planned days in your calendar, which are fully dedicated to 1 single thing or responsibilities from the same class. Whereas timeboxing is to allocate a definite quantity of time to a role upfront after which complete it within that time physique. The root within the aid of these two ways is to establish away with context switching or decrease it.

Learn the device in which to use them? Somewhat uncomplicated.

Contrivance a checklist of 4-5 stuff you wish to prefer to accommodate this week. As an instance:

  1. ☎️ Survey recommendation from 5 customers
  2. 💻️ Implement aspects X,Y & Z
  3. 🎨 Redesign landing net page
  4. ✍️ Write a blog submit about productiveness

These are going to be your “themes”. Now open your calendar and establish a day for every. Let’s allege you wish to prefer to work Monday and Tuesday on coding the missing aspects. Exercise Wednesday to interview customers, etc, you bought the foundation. (Tip: give every theme a color or an emoji 😉️)

Themed days will likely be orderly functional if you happen to contain already bought a day job and are searching for time for your side hustle. As an different of searching for to work on it one hour each day after your day job if you already feel exhausted, you commit an complete day for your side challenge.

With the one hour a day device, the risk that that you just can well possibly likely skip the scheduled hour is better; with themed days, striking forward energy of strategies is much more straightforward.


To spice issues up a exiguous bit, that that you just can well possibly likely restful use time timeboxing. Whereas you performed assigning themes and each day has one:

  1. Zoom in on each day
  2. Add sub-responsibilities for that day’s theme
  3. Add a time estimate to every process, and physique it with a originate up and pause time.

It is fundamental to prefer to steer determined of any responsibilities without a clear closing date, although the closing date is not qualified. In accordance to Parkinson’s Law, if you happen to contain more time to fetch a role, the overall time that you just can pick to fetch the duty will additionally amplify. This holds actual for a good deal of contributors and timeboxing vastly helps in dealing with that as successfully.

It’s essential that as essential as imaginable in Step 3 above, you steer determined of the psychological optimistic bias of underestimating how lengthy the completion of a role would require. When we’re too optimistic about how lengthy a given process is going to make a choice, we fail to fully put together via on what we establish out to attain.This bias, will also be steer clear off by simply utilizing a feedback loop, where that that you just can well possibly likely be constantly fascinated by what you can want done and the device in which you are going to be doing it better. On the pause of every day or not less than as soon as every week, assume in your progress and review the stuff you labored on that week and concentrate on to yourself the device in which that that you just can well possibly likely improve. 

Timeboxing is fabulous if you happen to be taught to attain it successfully. In uncomplicated phrases, it’s miles a direction of to merge your to-attain checklist with your calendar. One more abet of timeboxing is that it reduces the gathering of decisions you’d prefer to manufacture in any given 2d — boosting your energy of strategies for peak productiveness.

Productivity as an indie hacker

To maximise your productiveness, you might want to establish your priorities straight. For me as a developer, I receive myself investing the bulk of my time coding, nonetheless as an indie hacker who wants to produce a a success enterprise, I need to style out other stuff too; advertising, promoting, writing, and talking to customers. Themed days made me imprint that coding in most cases is a procrastination lure.

Applying theme days helped me fetch away of the dev-hamster-wheel (aka coding) and compelled me to attain more of what wished to be done. So I made a decision to structure my themed days to peek love this:

Monday: Coding

Tuesday: Coding

: Writing / Learning

: Coding 

: Housekeeping / Reflecting 

: Marketing / SEO 

: Writing 

As you test, I handiest code three days every week, so I’m able to style out other equally or now and again device more essential issues.

I additionally chanced on themed days to be very efficient via dealing with unusual or surprising responsibilities. Searching on the duty’s “theme”, I do know precisely on which day it desires to be scheduled. It takes me a fraction of the time so that you just can add it to my design.

Themed Inbox

I took themed days a further step and utilized it to my Gmail inbox. With a orderly chilly trick utilizing Google Apps Script, I contain wait on a watch on over when emails hit my inbox. As an different of checking my email day to day and having dozens of unrelated emails, now emails exhibit up in my inbox on the coolest day. As an instance, all unimportant emails are scheduled for Friday (my Housekeeping day), whereas all advertising & SEO connected emails are available on Saturday, etc. This vogue I be sure I read the coolest email on the coolest time after I’m ready to behave on it. So chilly, qualified?

The script automatically build emails

Building a design: receive a instrument that works for you.

In terms of productiveness in favorite, it’s essential to contain an atmosphere qualified and versatile design that might well adapt as your desires switch without investing endless hours rebuilding all the pieces from scratch.

Thought has been the core fragment of my design for the closing 5 months. I’ve been experimenting loads with varied productiveness ways and approaches and it might possibly had been so laborious to attain that without a orderly versatile and gorgeous instrument love Thought. Or not it’s my 2d brain and where I store all the pieces, so I’m utilizing it to implement themed days, with Thought produce-in templates.

I contain a database where I contain designed a template for each day and theme. Every morning, after making ready my coffee, I produce a brand unusual net page for that day utilizing the true template. The unusual net page gets populated with all the pieces I want to be as productive as imaginable on that day.

As an instance, on Saturday, which is a advertising/SEO day, I contain a net page with the overall sources and reminders connected to that field.

my Notion templates

Thought template for each day of the week

Saturday template

Saturday’s template, style out advertising & SEO

What I chanced on in actuality fantastic about this device is that my templates are not static, and as I wait on updating them, they wait on evolving and bettering.

Next stage: Themed weeks

In the event you really prefer to stage up your sport and urge your progress even extra, that that you just can well possibly likely implement themed weeks.

One amongst my favorite indie makers, Jon Yongfook, has implemented themed weeks for his workflow. Jon works in a 2 weeks gallop, one week of coding, followed by one week of marking, after which wraps it up by writing a newsletter and changelog. After I requested him if he tried shorter sprints, he said that he did nonetheless chanced on shorter sprints result in too essential context switching, and two weeks gallop works thoroughly for him.

That it’s likely you’ll well possibly also use the same thought to commit the overall week to a single challenge, and in actuality fabricate gargantuan advancements, or to a definite enterprise function, and as of late, with the overall immediate prototyping instruments available, that that you just can well possibly likely pick every week to produce an MVP/prototype and test your thought on the market.

Give it a are attempting and test for yourself.  

How one can peek what themed days can attain for your productiveness is merely making an are attempting it out. Right here is your homework:

  • Contrivance a checklist of three-4 classes/themes you wish to prefer to accommodate (e.g writing, coding, advertising)
  • Destroy them correct down to atomic responsibilities, ideally every sub-process might well possibly restful pick one hour or less
  • Blueprint every theme to a day of the week
  • In the event that that you just can well possibly likely’t receive time on working days, are attempting and attain it on a Saturday.
  • Start your calendar
  • Timebox the sub-responsibilities by scheduling them on their dedicated day
  • To find exasperated -message me to protect you responsible- and accomplish it! 

I promise that afterwards, you can feel a sense of success and test the progress that might well

be made with this device. It’s time to manufacture room in your calendar for what matters!

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