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Tim Ferris interviews Naval Ravikant (10-16-20)

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In point of fact handy-making an are trying examination ought to soundless fracture the life that you simply’re within the intervening time residing. It is going to soundless trigger you to leave relationships. It is going to soundless trigger you to reestablish boundaries with family members and with colleagues. It is going to soundless trigger you to forestall your job. . . . If it doesn’t attain that, it’s now not precise examination. If it doesn’t come linked with destruction of your latest life, then you definately can’t build the fresh life in which you might want to possibly now not dangle the dismay.

— Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant (@naval) is the co-founder and chairman of AngelList. He is an angel investor and has invested in bigger than 100 companies, at the side of many mega-successes, equivalent to Twitter, Uber, Conception, Opendoor, Postmates, and Settle on. You will seemingly be in a region to subscribe to Naval, his podcast on wealth and happiness, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, or wherever you gather your podcasts. You will seemingly be in a region to also fetch his blog at

For extra Naval-plus-Tim, are trying my wildly accepted interview with him from 2015, which was nominated for “Podcast of the Year.”

Please enjoy!

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Have faith to be taught extra about cryptocurrency? Hear to the conversation Naval and I had with cryptographer Gash Szabo, in which we discuss the complications cryptocurrencies were designed to resolve, moist versus dry code, quantum opinion, future occupations, and the existential dangers of blockchain governance.


  • Connect with Naval Ravikant:

Internet web page | Twitter


  • Does Naval soundless conform to attain this podcast — in spite of declining to seem as a visitor on others — in hopes of taking pictures Podcast of the Year laurels that were snatched from his non-public by Jamie Foxx the first time around? [06:10]
  • Who is the person within the intervening time featured in Naval’s Twitter profile, and how has he impressed us (and infinite others)? [08:02]
  • Why there’s no such ingredient as science with a capital S, and what Nassim Taleb only within the near previous stated about what he considers to be the different of coaching, and what it’s more straightforward to macro than micro. [11:32]
  • The complications that arise — in folks and in AI — when jargon masquerades as knowledge, and where basically the most purposeful life classes are no doubt realized. [17:03]
  • gather rich (without getting lucky). [24:58]
  • In what suggestions has Naval’s have move followed the aforementioned tenets of getting rich without getting lucky, and why are gather-rich-like a flash schemes for losers? [33:27]
  • Where attain most of Naval’s non-public, pithy tweets have interaction invent? Example: “Imagine how efficient you might want to possibly per chance be ought to you weren’t anxious frequently.” [39:10]
  • How has Naval realized to house and dangle interaction lend a hand watch over of his have dismay? [44:57]
  • What ought to soundless edifying meditation give us the energy to attain? [48:58]
  • The philosophers Naval reads sooner than he goes to mattress. [51:19]
  • How Naval tries to course of the suggestions that battle by his head when he’s meditating. [52:25]
  • What Naval’s each day meditation issue on the total looks be pleased, and why he considers it “sheer pleasure” even if he can’t shroud in phrases precisely what “it” is. [54:50]
  • Where could possibly per chance somebody in checking out the philosophy that conjures up Naval birth up? [57:55]
  • Naval and I agree that the discovering out of philosophy is awfully efficient as a technique to counter the toxic results of social media and latest occasions. [59:42]
  • “Crypto stablecoins: compose a different from blowup peril, censorship peril, and fraud peril.” What does this contemporary, cryptic tweet from Naval mean, and why does Naval think that cryptocurrency has the functionality to be “a total fresh casino that’s better than Wall Toll road” in decentralized finance? [1:01:57]
  • How could possibly per chance an absolute newbie compose an urged entrance into the field of cryptocurrency? [1:10:27]
  • How could possibly per chance cryptocurrency be utilized within the precise world for purposeful capabilities be pleased paying rent, shopping food, or hiring a contractor to effect a brand fresh deck to your home? [1:17:12]
  • What does Naval uncover because the diagram forward for cryptocurrency because it gets adopted increasingly extra by mainstream traders? [1:21:46]
  • What does all no doubt efficient self-abet boil down to? [1:30:06]
  • If the stylish Satan is affordable dopamine, what was the earlier Satan? Some musings on the compound passion of prolonged-timeframe pondering. [1:31:47]
  • Why it’s major to forge relationships with folks that don’t compose your interactions seem be pleased a job. Or, because the Navalmanack says, “The principle rule of facing warfare is: don’t lollygag around folks that persistently non-public in warfare.” [1:36:14]
  • The motive to gain the sport is so that you simply might want to possibly per chance likely be freed from it. But what’s the sport, what does it have interaction to be free from it, and is the most major in realizing that now not wanting one thing is as edifying as having it? [1:40:22]
  • This quote from Richard Feynman rings a bell in my memory of Naval: “The principle principle is that you simply might want to possibly per chance likely must now not fool yourself, and you’re the easiest person to fool.” How does Naval strive to compose obvious he’s now not fooling himself, and what did he be taught from a guy named Craig in Thailand about picking happiness? [1:46:08]
  • Parting suggestions. [1:54:16]


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