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Tinnitus Treatment from Neuromod


The Venture

No longer no longer as much as one in every ten adults experiences tinnitus


Tinnitus is the conception of a sound when there isn’t one of these thing as a external source of noise. There are many doable causes and forms of tinnitus, which makes finding a treatment for tinnitus complicated.

The Tinnitus Expertise

The skills of tinnitus varies tremendously from person to person; what it sounds fancy, how injurious it is miles going to be and the blueprint in which great tinnitus intrudes on day-to-day lifestyles.

Few Alternate strategies Until Now

It is in general said that there isn’t one of these thing as a treatment for tinnitus, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that will be executed. Lenire has been shown to soothe and wait on tinnitus in gigantic scientific trials in Eire and Germany.

What is Lenire?

Convenient and easy to tell, Lenire can provide sustainable support from tinnitus.

Is Lenire moral for you?

Lenire is a non-invasive home-tell clinical instrument that has CE-label certification for the treatment of tinnitus below the supervision of an as it is miles going to be gracious healthcare expert.

Your clinician will evaluate your tinnitus and resolve if Lenire is moral for you. If Lenire is urged, your clinician will prescribe a treatment understanding that will most frequently consist of day-to-day 30 minute courses and as a minimal two discover up visits over the direction of three months, when your clinician can also regulate instrument settings to optimise the aptitude for support.

Is Lenire for Me?

The Tool

Lenire is a CE-marked clinical instrument with three predominant substances

The Controller

A lightweight, handheld instrument that controls the time and depth of the treatment.

The Tonguetip®

Here’s a proprietary intra-oral instrument, ergonomically designed to take a seat down comfortably within the closed mouth. Runt electrodes on the tonguetip bring tender and protected energy pulses to the trigeminal nerves via the skin of the tip of the tongue.

Bluetooth® Headphones

Bluetooth headphones bring customised sounds

AKG is a registered trademark of Harman Global – Harman Global (, is a utterly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co, LTD. AKG Headphones are equipped with the Lenire instrument.

Working out the Expertise


Customised sounds are played through Bluetooth® headphones to set off the nerve concerned in hearing (the auditory nerve)


Aloof and protected energy pulses are delivered to the skin of the tip of the tongue to set off contact nerves (primarily the trigeminal nerve)


The activated nerves convert the sound and the energy pulses into indicators that are relayed to the brain, the put over time the unfamiliar label patterns work to within the reduction of and soothe the perceived tinnitus skills

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