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Using all-Apple Thunderbolt hardware to kill my MacBook


with my sleek 2020 MacBook Air and Thunderbolt devices has one more
chapter: I can now reproduce it with out a silly Thunderbolt 3
dock! Yep, that’s apt, I’ve reduced it to a assert of Thunderbolt
devices which have one popular trait:

All of them had been made by Apple.

There may possibly be no Belkin dock and there is no longer any OWC dock. Nope. Right here’s Apple on
Apple badness now.

Right here is what you obtain.


  • Computer: Apple MacBook Air (“Retina, 13-mosey, 2020”), lid launch.
  • OS: Apple macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (aka “the most up-to-date stable
    free up”)
  • Worthy upgrades accessible: NONE
  • Apple Thunderbolt New (Thunderbolt 2, circa 2014)
  • Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter (USB-C recede on one aspect, Thunderbolt 2 port on the varied)
  • Logitech K120 keyboard ($10 POS keyboard accessible EVERYWHERE)
  • Logitech M500 corded mouse ($30 POS mouse accessible EVERYWHERE)

Preliminary connections:

  • Keyboard to TB repeat.
  • Mouse to TB repeat.
  • TB repeat’s cable to TB3-TB2 adapter.
  • TB3-TB2 adapter into rearmost USB-C port on MBA.

Log catcher:

Urge netcat on one more machine someplace that your MBA can join to.
Personal it listen on a port. You will must seek this for exercise later.

Steps to damage the box:

  1. Produce preliminary connections. Restart machine.
  2. Log in from exterior keyboard.
  3. Open log scoot in Terminal: log scoot 2>&1 | nc host port &
  4. Apple menu -> Sleep
  5. Wake machine from exterior mouse
  6. Apple menu -> Sleep
  7. Disconnect TB3->TB2 adapter from MBA
  8. Look forward to log scoot to discontinuance (this can also simply elevate a minute or two)
  9. Reconnect TB3->TB2 adapter to identical port on MBA
  10. Try to wake the machine from exterior keyboard or mouse

At this point, it will fail to wake from the out of doors devices.
You ought to wake it up from the internal keyboard/trackpad. If
they are in a scheme peaceful working, skedaddle encourage and strive it again, however wait
longer for the log scoot to discontinuance. Right here’s predominant – it HAS to be
the total technique asleep. Survey for things enjoy “linkStatus 0” or
“kIONetworkLinkStateInactive” or even “unplug=0” and wait a steady 15-20
seconds after it appears idle to acquire it sure it in point of fact is sound asleep.

Entirely then, proceed to the next steps.

Steps to break the machine using handiest Apple hardware:

  1. Apple menu -> sleep
  2. Disconnect TB3-TB2 adapter from MBA
  3. Wake (using built-in keyboard/trackpad)

At this point, the repeat can also simply peaceful take dangle of darkness from in transient, and then skedaddle out. A
few seconds later, the Apple imprint will seem as the machine reboots by
itself. You’ve simply caused it to horror, and in case you subsequent log in, it
will request you to send in a break characterize.

Delight in to send them to this URL alongside with whatever different tips
that you just may possibly also simply have on the topic.


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