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Using all-Apple Thunderbolt hardware to kill my MacBook


with my new 2020 MacBook Air and Thunderbolt devices has but every other
chapter: I will now reproduce it without a amusing Thunderbolt 3
dock! Yep, that’s upright, I’ve diminished it to a suite of Thunderbolt
devices which have one stylish trait:

All of them had been made by Apple.

There could be not any Belkin dock and there is no OWC dock. Nope. Right here’s Apple on
Apple badness now.

Right here is what you attain.


  • Computer: Apple MacBook Air (“Retina, 13-lope, 2020”), lid birth.
  • OS: Apple macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (aka “basically the most in style stable
  • Prominent upgrades available: NONE
  • Apple Thunderbolt Indicate (Thunderbolt 2, circa 2014)
  • Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter (USB-C lope on one aspect, Thunderbolt 2 port on the opposite)
  • Logitech Ample120 keyboard ($10 POS keyboard available EVERYWHERE)
  • Logitech M500 corded mouse ($30 POS mouse available EVERYWHERE)

Preliminary connections:

  • Keyboard to TB show.
  • Mouse to TB show.
  • TB show’s cable to TB3-TB2 adapter.
  • TB3-TB2 adapter into rearmost USB-C port on MBA.

Log catcher:

Plug netcat on but every other machine someplace that your MBA can join to.
Own it hear on a port. You will must look this for divulge later.

Steps to interrupt the box:

  1. Save initial connections. Restart machine.
  2. Log in from external keyboard.
  3. Start up log bound in Terminal: log bound 2>&1 | nc host port &
  4. Apple menu -> Sleep
  5. Wake machine from external mouse
  6. Apple menu -> Sleep
  7. Disconnect TB3->TB2 adapter from MBA
  8. Await log bound to prevent (this would presumably divulge a minute or two)
  9. Reconnect TB3->TB2 adapter to linked port on MBA
  10. Are trying to wake the machine from external keyboard or mouse

At this level, it will fail to wake from the external devices.
You’ve got got to wake it up from the inside of keyboard/trackpad. If
they are by hook or by crook tranquil working, budge back and take a look at out it every other time, however wait
longer for the log bound to prevent. Right here’s important – it HAS to be
the total methodology asleep. Stare issues admire “linkStatus 0” or
“kIONetworkLinkStateInactive” or even “unplug=0” and wait a upright 15-20
seconds after it looks slothful to make it sure it if truth be told is sleeping.

Simplest then, proceed to the following steps.

Steps to fracture the machine the utilization of most productive Apple hardware:

  1. Apple menu -> sleep
  2. Disconnect TB3-TB2 adapter from MBA
  3. Wake (the utilization of constructed-in keyboard/trackpad)

At this level, the show ought to tranquil light up temporarily, after which budge out. A
few seconds later, the Apple logo will seem as the machine reboots by
itself. You’ve got got upright precipitated it to awe, and if you next log in, it
will quiz you to ship in a fracture document.

In fact feel free to ship them to this URL along with whatever preference thoughts
you furthermore mght can have on the topic.


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