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Visualize AWS Cloud Diagrams


AWS Standpoint resolution structure

The AWS Standpoint CloudFormation template includes six formulation.

The acquire user interface (internet UI) part interacts with the tips part by contrivance of Amazon API Gateway and AWS AppSync endpoints. The acquire UI requests helpful resource relationship files from the tips part. The guidelines part queries and returns files from an Amazon Neptune database.

The storage administration part shops user preferences and saved structure diagrams. Right here is applied the exercise of AWS Amplify and an Amazon Easy Storage Provider (Amazon S3) bucket.

The discovery part makes exercise of AWS Config and AWS API calls to serve a listing of helpful resource files from imported accounts and Regions, then shops its findings in the tips part. This runs every 15 minutes as a container project on AWS Fargate. The discovery part container image is built in the image deployment part the exercise of AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild.

The cost part processes AWS Price and Usage Reports (AWS CUR) to operate cost files on hand in AWS Standpoint. To exercise this option, it’s essential produce a story in AWS CUR to post reviews to an Amazon S3 bucket. When an AWS CUR is uploaded, it triggers an AWS Lambda purpose to course of the associated price files and store it in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The guidelines part queries this DynamoDB table to provide the costs related to the actual individual sources for mutter in the acquire UI. Whereas you attain now not produce an AWS CUR, cost files is doubtlessly now not included in AWS Standpoint structure diagrams.

For additonal exiguous print about each and each part, check with the implementation guide.

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