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Voce-browser – voice Controlled Web Browser


MIT License Platforms
Python v3.7 Build passing Speech Recognition gTTS PyQt5

Voce Browser is a chromium basically basically based explain managed browser the reveal of PyQtWebEngine. It has the overall elemental browser facets be pleased Chrome or Firefox and besides it could possibly per chance most likely also be managed with explain commands.

Voce Browser

Voce Browser

Desk of contents


This project makes reveal of the Qt GUI library Python binding as particular person interface. Voce Browser will also be given explain commands that are translated and then exceuted the reveal of google speech recognition API. Its web engine is PyQtWebEngine, a chromium basically basically based engine.


Voce has all long-established browser facets and explain commands capabilities


This project is created with:

  • PyQt5 5.12.3
  • PyQtWebEngine 5.12.1
  • SpeechRecognition: 3.8.1
  • gTTS 2.1.1
  • pydub


To bustle the browser, first download or git clone this project and then set up it in the neighborhood to your python ambiance.
Supposing that you’re in the project root record, proceed as follows:

$ python create
$ python set up
$ vocebrowser


$ python bdist_wheel
$ pip ./dist/*.whl set up
$ ./bin/startbrowser

License MIT License

Mission beneath MIT License

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