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We Cancelled Standups and Let the Team Build. Here’s What Happened


👋 I’m Julian, the Cofounder of Haystack. We’re constructing dashboards and indicators that mosey into Github – serving to engineering leaders invent happier, fitter, extra productive groups.

We would private liked to portion a transient account on why “we cancelled standups and correct let the personnel invent”.

Or now not it is now not as loopy because it sounds so let’s dive an and study what took save of abode..

So.. why did we produce this?

First and predominant we were doing smartly-behaved

First and predominant the personnel modified into as soon as transferring at (what looked as if it’d be) the run of light. We were handling concerns, fixing bugs, launching parts. We even tackled our greatest, nagging items of technical debt. Dream near generous, staunch? As a personnel of technical founders, we patted ourselves on the motivate for a job effectively performed. It felt enjoy we may well maybe well well not be stopped.

But things like a flash grew to change into around on us..

Offer: Haystack

And we noticed a customary sample occurring each day..

Offer: Haystack

We introduced this data to the personnel and uncovered a few concerns.. Here are some notes from our retro

So.. What did we produce?

We requested for solutions. Here are the outcomes..

High Votes: 

  1. Abolish Standup
  2. Work on ‘Fun Projects’

Might presumably seem loopy but we enjoy to empower the personnel to toughen themselves.  We purchase pride in our ability to iterate our course of as time and again as doubtless.

Plus we private bought Haystack to scrutinize if our adjustments are working.

So why now not? Let’s strive it for a week. Revert motivate if it is now not working out.

We cancelled standup and let the personnel ‘correct invent’.

We did agree on some floor principles though..

And with these principles in save of abode we were off 💨🚣‍♀️

With out hesitation we kicked off. Very bowled over to scrutinize how many ‘enjoyable initiatives’ the personnel already had in tips. It didn’t purchase mighty prompting in any appreciate.

And.. We had our most productive week EVER:

We recovered our Throughput!

Offer: Haystack

Improved our Cycle Time (reversing the fashion)!

Offer: Haystack

Received our ‘deep work’ motivate.

Offer: Haystack

And tackled initiatives we private wanted to produce for MONTHS.

Most Importantly..We DECREASED BURNOUT

It modified into as soon as a HUGE success.

The experiment went better than we may well maybe well well moreover private hoped. By searching down standups and letting the personnel work on new, provocative initiatives we were in a region to internet out of the funk we stumbled on ourselves in. With out skipping a beat our personnel is refreshed, recovered, and furious.

Does this imply no extra stand-united statesor roadmaps?

Neatly.. No. But we’re eager on it.

We will proceed to experiment except we secure the staunch steadiness. Recently, we produce 2-3 in-individual standups per week with async standups on Slack the a lot of days. We fastidiously account our work in Concept on a regular foundation and private Weekly Kick-Off meetings every Monday.

The new course of is working effectively up to now – plus we private Haystack to abet us test-in and form adjustments if wanted.

So.. how time and again produce YOU experiment with course of?

The ‘staunch’ course of is a continuously transferring target. What works sometime may well maybe well well moreover now not work the subsequent. Or now not it is miles major to empower your personnel to form adjustments when wanted and toughen their day-to-day expertise.

In assert so that you just can experiment enjoy a angry man(lady) to your course of. AGGRESSIVELY allow development. Empower your personnel to toughen their very private work atmosphere – then near test out Haystack and we’ll conceal you the map one can put in power a culture of continuing development.

Both map, hope our account bought your wheels turning!

Haystack helps engineering leaders determine blockers and developments. In possibility to guessing must you are bettering, or continuously bothering your personnel for progress updates, merely utilize Haystack to internet insights on your inbox every morning. Plus a dashboard to song enhancements over time.

Strive it at free of fee

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