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Why you should adopt Extreme Programming?


Outrageous programming has a immense impact on how application industries work currently. TDD, pair programming, Code opinions have radically change the de facto requirements as a section of XP.

Even after 30 years of its inception, hideous programming is gentle linked and Martin Fowler calls hideous programming as a basis for agile practices.

Let us explore how and why…

In early programming days, application initiatives ran handiest on the easier of the abilities of the of us who wrote it. One shrimp mistake and the code wreaks havoc.

Even with none mistakes, once the codebase will get smartly-organized ample, it is difficult to retain the present code, let on my own add any recent suggestions.

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Without hideous programming

Programmers put their expedient efforts in making trek the code retains working, assembly time limits etc, whereas the customers/stake-holders presumably wondered the programmers are being sluggish and no longer handing over.

Enter Kent Beck…

All these problems purchased much less difficult to clear up and the efforts to realize so went down tremendously.

He got here with one thing known as hideous programming.

Let’s search for how it if truth be told works and why Kent Beck even handed it and how even after 30 years of its inception it is gentle linked.

What’s hideous programming and how did it clear up the total lot?

Outrageous programming is a convention per Agile which on the total ensures expedient high quality application briefly time retaining in mind the welfare of the programmers and engagement with the customers/shareholders.


It all began at C3 (Chrysler Total Compensation venture), a payroll venture at Chrysler which is even handed the birthplace for Outrageous Programming.

C3 was aiming to interchange legacy COBOL essentially based mostly blueprint and the early pattern began in SmallTalk which was presupposed to ruin by 2 years. 1.5 years down the road… there are some efficiency problems and Kene Beck is presupposed to serve them clear up it.

Kent Beck: “The keep are the tests that can present after I originate issues any faster nothing is broken?”

C3: “In actuality the code doesn’t if truth be told work yet”

Kent Beck suggests 3 alternatives:

  1. Encourage going as it is

  2. Outsource the venture (which is a disgrace with such outstanding of us spherical, Martin Fowler also labored as a specialist on this venture)

  3. Give all people every week off, throw away all that has been done up to now and originate recent and I mediate you are going to be triumphant

Kent Beck is put accountable. He structures the venture in 3 weeks increments the keep work is divided into experiences and at the ruin of every and each increment a demo for the customers and idea for the next 3 weeks.

Subsequent, any individual suggests each and each memoir must have some acceptance test. Then any individual suggests pair programming etc.

And so forth by the ruin of the day, he had formulated hideous programming.

Later in his book Kent Beck standardizes this design of doing issues and calls it Outrageous programming.

Impact of hideous programming

Martin Fowler’s describes it because the root for Agile practices.

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with hideous programming

Working out why hideous programming works

Outrageous programming is nothing however a dwelling of values, principles and practices.

That’s it.

Why?To pork up code and product high quality retaining in mind the welfare of the builders.

To elaborate extra hideous programming adheres to certain non-negotiable values (which we all know will bear honest actual high quality).

To adhere to these values we spend certain practices.

While using these practices we have certain principles/solutions we must put together to assemble the staunch you can factor in outcomes.

To impress it better, foran athlete designate is having a gigantic physique, put together: enlighten day-to-day and precept isn’t any longer to make spend of steroids.

Values and practices are certain by principles.


5 values of XP — feedback, communique, simplicity, braveness and admire

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How would these values originate certain that better code high quality and developer welfare it’s doubtless you’ll perchance presumably marvel.

Let’s explore one after the other.

Verbal exchange: Admire the total lot else so to assemble the staunch outcomes all people wants to be on the identical web page. The teams must talk, impress and understand amongst themselves.

Suggestions: After we have the identical route each and each now after which we deserve to re-review ourselves from the feedback given by customers or members out of your team. This ensures we’re heading in direction of the staunch you can factor in final consequence with self and buyer satisfaction.

Simplicity: Potentially the most orderly solutions are no longer the ones which are advanced however are these which are straight forward to adore.

‘It’s a ways more healthy to realize a straightforward thing currently and pay a bit extra the next day to come to interchange it’ than ‘to realize a extra vital thing currently which will never be aged anyway’.

This implies much less explaining when onboarding recent members and straight forward maintainability of our existing work.

Apply KISS precept ‘Encourage It Easy, Insensible!’.

Braveness: Voicing your opinions, to be in contact about and dangle choices for the easier of the team/product/buyer. It on the total outcomes within the staunch solutions which within the origin were no longer a section of the idea and even even handed.

Recognize: Being originate to others and all for every person’s understanding and thoughts no longer handiest encourages of us to share gigantic solutions however makes certain you are heard too by others.

Now that we have our values in dwelling let’s explore the rules.


Suggestions — Quick feedback, simplicity, incremental exchange, embracing exchange and high quality

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Quick feedback: Procure feedback on the total to originate certain that you just’re superb the buyer wants and reflecting what you’ve got learned by the feedback within the product and your work.

Simplicity: Resolve each and each order in basically the most straightforward design. Attain handiest as significant as is required to if truth be told implement the feature. Something else extra would possibly perchance presumably handiest add complexity and would possibly perchance presumably be totally stale and vital to interchange later.

Apply YAGNI (You Ain’t Gonna Need It) and DRY (Don’t Repeat Your self)

Incremental Trade: Making an strive to realize lots straight away would possibly perchance presumably prove introducing pretty a couple of bugs, undesirable code and prove no longer working in time. Substantial adjustments straight away are certain to backfire. So each and each exchange wants to be broken down in a chain of shrimp steps. This helps in monitoring growth and shrimp objects would possibly perchance additionally be tested efficiently as smartly.

This philosophy would possibly perchance additionally be applied to the venture, invent, structure or the adjustments within the team as smartly.

Embracing exchange: Modifications in invent, venture, idea wants to be embraced. This would possibly perchance perchance give a competitive edge to the buyer to confidently originate any adjustments per the market/ambiance and overall peace of mind to the team to be competent ample to include it.

Fine work: A team that works smartly, makes a precious product and feels pleased with it. The client in classic has a gigantic satisfaction rating at the ruin.

Now let us peep at some practices which serve us adhere to our values retaining in mind our principles.


Practices —faster feedback(TDD), right feedback(refactoring, CI, shrimp releases), shared determining(pair programming, code opinions), builders welfare(40 hr work week), buyer engagement(On-keep buyer, The planning sport)

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TDD– Test-driven pattern is a convention the keep you write the tests first after which write the code. This ensures instantaneous feedback. It also retains the code crisp and straight forward as at any time whenever you write you handiest write as significant code as it is important to pass the test. By the purpose you are done you furthermore mght have a safety accumulate to proceed refactoring without breaking anything.

Code Refactoring-Refactoring permits us to repeatedly pork up code. It helps in eradicating redundancy, unnecessary code, increasing readability. Keeping code crisp and straight forward permits us to without anguish originate adjustments even after along time.

CI/CD– It permits the team to collaborate on assorted ingredients of the code without being dependent on someone. Code is pushed multiple cases a day by assorted members. Automatic and ruin to ruin tests originate certain that the total lot is working accurately.

Tiny releases-CI and shrimp unencumber sail hand in hand. CI permits us to unencumber incremental variations of the product to accumulate feedback from the buyer. This permits us to rob bugs and test code in production. An early exchange would possibly perchance additionally be instructed by the buyer after each and each unencumber.

Pair programming: It’s a ways a means the keep two builders sit together and write code. While one writes the loads of ones opinions the code, suggests improvements and seems to be to be out for any mistakes. Then roles are then switched. This implies faster facts sharing and better communique. Developers have a tendency to learn practices from each and each assorted which helps in atmosphere the code customary at team/organisation diploma.

Code opinions: These are per PR model the keep builders elevate a PR for each and each memoir/feature they work on. This permits in adhering to organisation diploma code customary. Developers would possibly perchance additionally be told to originate adjustments if any. This also ensures there would possibly perchance be a second dwelling of eyes that scan by the code making trek there would possibly perchance be ample code protection, no mistakes and in classic code high quality is great.

Automatic tools reminiscent of SONAR cloud serve in code opinions.

40 hours week: This ensures developer welfare. They are smartly-rested and at their expedient after they work. A team is handiest as honest actual as it’s members. This ensures there don’t appear to be any burnouts and builders are in a dwelling to retain an even work-lifestyles stability.

On-keep buyer: The client wants to be a section of the come direction of to acknowledge to any questions, dwelling priorities and unravel disputes if any.

The Planning Game:That is a gathering that occurs at the starting of an iteration cycle. The improvement team and the buyer get together to be in contact about and approve a product’s suggestions. On the ruin of the planning sport, builders idea for the upcoming iteration and unencumber, assigning projects for each and each of them.

Coding Requirements:Having a overall objects of coding practices, using the identical formats and kinds for code writing permits all team members to read, share, and refactor code with ease, as well to originate the finding out faster for assorted programmers.

Collective Code Ownership:This put together delegates the obligation of the code to your total team the keep each and each member is equally to blame. This ensures all team is conscious of all code and know exactly the keep to place a certain share of feature and steer clear of duplication.

Machine Metaphor: Machine metaphor stands for a straightforward invent such that recent of us are in a dwelling to originate working on it without spending too significant time inspecting specs. And overall the code is readable.


XP gave the enviornment many recent practices which changed the application industry for honest actual. Practices adore Test-Pushed Fashion and Pair programming found their ways in practically each and each company internationally. Code opinions, coding requirements and the put together of every and each programmer writing tests for the code they write are a must to originate certain that the staunch high quality application is sent.

These practices together yield a highly right platform for future pattern.

When to make spend of XP?

  • Quick-altering requirements.

  • Strict time limits

  • Tiny teams. For teams that don’t exceed 12 of us.

  • Constructing computerized tests is you can factor in.

Lastly, I would deserve to add, even whenever you have confidence you studied XP isn’t any longer for you, or no longer it will doubtless be needed to at least adopt the confirmed working practices reminiscent of TDD, code opinions, pair programming, code refactoring, etc. These originate certain that the staunch high quality application, and crisp straight forward to retain codebase with the least bugs.

As a colorful man once acknowledged

A worm caught any time sooner than transport no topic how unhurried within the come direction of will repeatedly price one million cases much less than when caught in production.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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