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These two tweets are fascinating:

One lesson that GPT-3 could maybe maybe very properly be instructing us: the characterize-story signature artifact of simulation is now not the spiky glitch, or now not it is the refined, shallow, facile surface. It’s now not the errors, or now not it is a distinct variety of boring flawlessness, that is what we ought to be making an try out for.@flantz

“Being ready to characterize apart between layers and classes of which capability that is going to be a highly precious capability for a whereas. Correct news for snobs, weirdos, artists, nerds, and librarians.@flantz

Options that occur:

There could be a construct of writing that is actively meaning to a refined, shallow, facile surface, a distinct variety of boring flawlessness. The writing that the majority companies bag. That is who GPT-3 will bag to first. No longer the novelists and the poets but the corporate copy-writers. They came for the writers of car brochures, but I wasn’t a writer of car brochures, so I mentioned nothing.

The translation is already roboticised. Per chance the writing is simply too.

And presumably GPT-3 is already being deployed by internet pages positioning agencies and, equally presumably, Google Search spooks are already attempting to simulate the abilities of snobs, artists, nerds and librarians.

Expectantly which capability that that a premium will bag linked to quirky non-refined writing. I like a colleague who uses ‘dang’ loads in her writing. Irregular on this aspect of the Atlantic. I dispute that’ll bag through a copy captcha.

It also jogs my memory of one thing William Gibson writes in a Paul Smith e-book. It’s one thing fancy: whenever you need to have to know what’s right about what your nation makes explore at what the Eastern and British import. (I will be succesful of’t salvage the categorical quote). And his reasoning is one thing fancy: Eastern and British cultures are so hierarchical and stratified, in such prolonged-lasting and refined ways, that they’ve become incredibly right at discerning area from little signals

Which makes me shock what the ‘taking a gaze at their sneakers’ of writing is going to be.


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