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YC Startup School for future founders who aren’t quite ready to start yet


We launched Startup College as an online program in 2017 to toughen founders actively engaged on constructing their companies. On November ninth, we’re also opening Startup College to likely founders who’re inflamed by starting a company in some unspecified time in the future. You would possibly perhaps well most seemingly also register for the contemporary path today time.

Startup College has been extremely a hit at serving to active founders grow their companies, serving over 140,000 founders up to now! That stated, our online program has by no come been a substantial fit for folks who hadn’t but decided what to work on — truly, you couldn’t even full registration whenever you weren’t actively engaged on a startup.

So starting November ninth, we’re cosy to advise a recent Startup College path, which we’re calling Startup College for Future Founders. This path will scramble for six weeks and is designed for college students, engineers, creatives and anyone who’s worked up about founding a startup one day, however not actively engaged on one precise now.

We’ve developed a recent curriculum for this tune targeted at future founders, including YC classics esteem The manner to Tag advice from Customers and Sooner than the Startup, as successfully as contemporary lectures by YC companions esteem The manner to Obtain Not likely Startup Solutions. We’ve also built excessive-influence exercises to position those learnings into alter to, covering key early topics a lot like generating staunch startup solutions, finding/vetting a co-founder and validating your conception with likely potentialities.

In case you’re ready to win the next step and if truth be told open engaged on a company, Startup College can abet there too. Future Founder contributors can swap to an active founder profile at any time to win abet of our partner affords, weekly updates, community sessions and expanded curriculum. We’re also very inflamed to open a co-founder matching service for our neighborhood rapidly. There are hundreds of founders on Startup College actively taking a look for a co-founder precise now, so proficient prospective founders won’t even deserve to reach up with their very devour conception — they can staunch scrutinize an existing crew that they mesh with!

Eventually, we’ve also been contacted by universities, incubators and entrepreneurship facilities inflamed by incorporating Startup College exclaim into their curriculum. The Startup College for Future Founders exclaim and exercises are a substantial fit for universities taking a look to share market-examined entrepreneurship advice. Truly feel free to consist of them into your curriculum! In case you’re a professor or advisor inflamed by the use of our exclaim, please enable us to know! We’d esteem to toughen you nonetheless we are in a position to.

In case you’re inflamed by starting a startup in some unspecified time in the future, or know anyone who’s, take a look at in for Startup College now.

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