Android Phone, how to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

Do you want to know how to display a Wi-Fi password on Android? Perhaps you’re connected to a network for which you’ve forgotten the password, or you’d like to verify the password for a friend’s network so that you can connect another device.

We’ll teach you how to locate stored Wi-Fi passwords on Android utilizing a few different approaches, regardless of the cause. Note that you can only view the passwords for networks you’ve already connected to.

How to View the Wi-Fi Passwords On Android Without Root

Since Android 10 you’ll now be able to see the Wi-Fi passwords of your saved networks without rooting. We’ll look at how to accomplish this with the default version of Android 11. The process might differ slightly depending on your phone’s Android version.

To look up a Wi-Fi login in Android 10, or newer, go to the Settings and go to Internet and Network. Click Wi-Fi and you’ll be able to see your current Wi-Fi connection at high on the page. Choose it (or an earlier connection from the saved networks list below) to see options available to connect with the particular network.

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At this point, click on the “Share” button. You’ll be required to confirm your fingerprint with your face or finger or enter the PIN code, in order for you to continue. After that, you’ll find the Wi-Fi password for your network under the QR code.

If the password does not appear due to some reason, you may use the QR codes with another device and add it into the system.

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How do I view WiFi Passwords in Android 9 and older

If your device is running Android 9 or earlier, or your device doesn’t have the above options then you’ll have to resort to different methods of revealing your password to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, all of these methods require rooting an Android device.

The reason for this is that the file that stores the Wi-Fi credentials used to save networks is stored in a secure directory in your phone’s storage. It isn’t possible to access the folder or the files within it, unless you’re root.

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If you’re rooted and have access to the folder /data/misc/wifi with the file explorer application which supports root browsing. Start by opening wpa_supplicant.conf and you should see your network’s address ( ssid) and the password ( psk).

If this method doesn’t work or you’d like to test a different method You can try the Android Wi-Fi password reader app such as WiFi Password Viewer. They let you choose the saved network and view the password.

They’re required to root and they have mixed reviews So your mileage could differ. If your phone is able to encrypt the files containing Wi-Fi passwords it’s unlikely that they can do.