How to Use Old Android Phone with No Internal Memory

If you own a smartphone that has a small amount of internal storage, then you’re probably accustomed to receiving “low capacity storage” errors. It’s likely that you can’t install new applications, which can be very irritating.

What can to do when you’re spare storage is defined in megabytes? In addition to wishing for an excuse to purchase an upgrade on your phone, there are some strategies you can apply.

The problem is a serious Insufficiency of Internal Storage

Based on how old the phone you have could have more or less in terms of storage. The majority of phones made in the last few years will have only 8GB or 16GB of internal storage space to utilize.

Based on the age of your phone is, it may have more than less in terms of storage. Many phones of the past couple of years have probably either 16GB or 8GB of internal storage space to utilize.

If you’re using an old phone, however, that figure could be less than two or three gigabytes. The operating system itself takes up some space but there’s always the bloatware from the manufacturer taking up valuable storage.

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Many factors can contribute to this issue. Even phones with slots for microSD cards aren’t able to use it fully for applications as many applications only transfer a tiny portion of their installed size onto the card.

In addition, the size of app installs continues to grow and the 8GB capacity that was a dream in 2013 is almost nothing in the present. Since you’ll need available space for your phone to function efficiently, you have to go through an endless cycle of storage space management.

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Rooting could be an option

Android provides more control over installed apps than it did previously. A lot of apps run on the partition of your system, which means that you cannot remove them as you would with apps that you downloaded. In contrast, Android lets you disable the apps, but it isn’t enough to stop them from running. Apps that are disabled nevertheless consume space.

You can always download an application that allows you to determine what’s taking the biggest storage space (such as DiskUsage) however in the event that you don’t have enough space then you’re not able to install these applications. In addition, they’ll likely give you the information you already are aware of.

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Rooting your phone grants users access to powerful apps that aren’t available for installation and can also give you access to applications that allow you to uninstall software applications from your system. If you’re comfortable with being root, installing a custom ROM is among the most effective ways to maximize the space you have. There are a variety of small ROMs that can be used on older devices.

There are many possibilities to root however it could be too complex for the common user therefore, we will discuss additional alternatives to rooting that aren’t as difficult.


Use Google Photos to your advantage

Depending on how strong your device’s camera is, photos might take up a lot of space. Don’t let your photos clog up your hard drive; instead, use Google Photos to automatically sync your photos to the cloud. It also has a capability that allows you to delete photographs from Photos that are already backed up. Try an other auto-uploading program if Photos won’t install.


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