Afghanistan Collapse: Families are selling their children to make ends meet

Families who are in need in Afghanistan are being reportedly forced to trade their kids in order to pay back debts, and the economy is close to collapse due to the forceful intervention of the Taliban.


A mother who earns only 50p a day as a housekeeper in the city’s western part of Herat is owed PS400 by an individual she borrowed money from in order to help her family. The woman, who is identified as Saleha and told by the lender that he’ll take the debt off when she offers him the three-year-old daughter Najiba as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

If Saleha 40 fails to pay the loan by the due date of three months, she’ll be evicted from the family home and placed in the house of the lender prior to when she can be married off to one of his children after she turns puberty.

Some families from Herat were ordered to trade their kids to pay back their debts Herat residents reported.

US President, Joe Biden Staunchly Defends Total Withdrawal Of Troops From Afghanistan As Taliban Advances And Captures More Territory

Since the Taliban were in control of Afghanistan on August 1st, Afghanistan’s economy is at risk of falling.

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This has seen the value of the currency fall as prices for basic necessities have skyrocketed because of shortages, and warnings from the UN warns that the supply of food supplies could become dangerously low in the near future.

The head of the UN this week warned that Afghanistan is facing a make-or break moment’. He called on countries to invest in the Afghan economy, which prior to the Taliban invasion in August was heavily dependent on international aid, which accounted for 75% of all state expenditure.

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Afghanistan is battling a liquidity crisis, as assets are frozen in the U.S. and other countries, as well as payments from international organisations, are on hold.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is growing, and affecting around 18 million people which is about half of the population. A lot of people are forced with plastic bottles that they can recycle or sell in order to earn enough money to purchase food.

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However, one Taliban official has said that Afghans must get used to fighting for several months.

The official stated”We went through 20 years fighting the jihadists and we lost our families We didn’t have adequate food, and at the final, we were rewarded by this government. If people are forced to fight for a few months why should they do what you expect?’ stated the official. “Popularity is not a priority to those who belong to the Taliban.’

UN head Mr Guterres declared this week that ‘right now, with assets being frozen and development aid stopped the economy is deteriorating.

“Banks are closing, and vital services, like health care, are being shut down in a number of locations.’

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