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A’Ibom Cp Iniubong Umoren’S Killer Not Dead

A’Ibom Cp Iniubong Umoren’S Killer Not Dead

Mr. Uduak Ezekiel Akpan, the alleged killer of Miss Iniubong Umoren, committed suicide in police custody, according to the police in Akwa Ibom on Thursday.

The news that 20-year-old Akpan, who allegedly lured Miss Umoren with a work offer and then raped and killed her, had committed suicide has gone viral on social media.

After eating his dinner, the suspect hanged himself with his trousers bound to wire, according to social media reports.

Following the suicide, several individuals and organisations accused the police of colluding with the perpetrators and attempting to cover up the crime.

The suicide rumour, however, was dismissed by State Commissioner of Police Andrew Amiengheme, who described it as the work of mischief-makers.

”It is not true that Uduak Akpan committed suicide,” he told the Nation over the phone. We have the perpetrator in our custody. Perhaps he committed suicide in the bedrooms of the rumor-mongers.”

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