An electrician confesses to killing two ladies and sexually molesting dozens of bodies.

A 67-year-old electrician has admitted to killing two women and sexually molesting about 80 bodies 34 years ago.

Caroline Pierce,20, and Wendy Knell,25, were murdered by David Fuller, who pled guilty.

After being identified through new DNA technology, the former hospital worker felt he had gotten away with the 1987 killings, but now faces the rest of his life in prison.

Following his arrest in December, authorities made the horrifying finding that he had sexually molested hundreds of female corpses at the hospital where he worked.

Fuller admitted to assaulting around 80 dead bodies, with many of the crimes being videotaped, but authorities believe there are hundreds more victims.

He molested corpses ranging in age from nine years old to one hundred years old.

Fuller amended his plea to guilty at Maidstone Crown Court in Kent today, Nov4, after first contesting the allegations on the basis of diminished responsibility, according to KentLive. Wendy, the shop manager, was discovered dead in her Tunbridge Wells ground-floor bedsit on June23,1987, after failing to show up for work.

Caroline, also from Tunbridge Wells, was attacked outside her home five months later.

Fuller was described in court as a “controlled sexual deviant” who preyed on young ladies and drew sexual pleasure from the abuse of their dead bodies.

Fuller, who is married and has a son, is one of the most serial sex offenders in the United Kingdom.

According to a police source, “the scope and intensity of his crimes are likely to be unparalleled in this country.”

On December3,2020, Fuller was detained during a dawn raid at his home. He was taken into custody in Tonbridge and a DNA sample was obtained from him, as well as a huge number of boxes and computer equipment from his residence.

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