Baba Ijesha Says He Didn’t Assault Her The Girl Said The Same Yomi Fabiyi Reveals After Visit to Prison

Baba Ijesha Says He Didn’t Assault Her

Baba Ijesha Says He Didn’t Assault Her The Girl Said The Same Yomi Fabiyi Reveals After Visit to Prison

Yomi Fabiyi, the controversial star, returns with an update from his visit to Baba Ijesha, where he is being held in custody for alleged sexual assault on a minor.

This comes after Princess, a well-known comedienne, accused the actor of sexually assaulting her foster daughter when she was seven years old. The incident was later captured on camera by Baba Ijebu, who was caught on tape touching the minor inappropriately a few days ago.


Yomi revealed in an interview with City People that during his visit, Baba Ijesha told him that he never raped the victim and that the victim never accused him of doing so.

  1. I went to that location. I set aside time and searched out an audience in order to talk with him. They told him. It’s not like we’re friends. He has no idea where I live. I’m not sure where he resides. He hasn’t appeared in any of my films in the nearly 18 years that I’ve been producing. But I have to keep in mind that he is a colleague. We took action as a group. Together, we’ve traveled to different parts of the world. He was concerned about me, and I was concerned about him. Whatever someone says, we are one family,” Yomi Fabiyi revealed.
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“When I saw him, I said, ‘I want you to tell me straight up if you raped the young girl.’ I don’t want to believe he’s the one because I’m having visions in my mind.

Yomi, there was never a time when I raped this lady, and she never said I raped her, he said. Go ahead and inquire of her. I said that the cops said that you admitted to the crime. What is the subject of the video they are discussing, and what crime did you admit to?

‘After they packed me, they showed me a CCTV,’ he said. They barged in, began thrashing me, and began torturing me. Then they showed me CCTV footage of the girl being touched,” he said.

Yomi asked Baba about his relationship with Princess, specifically what happened after they broke up.

A twist in the story, according to Yomi, is that the woman reportedly admitted to being sexually assaulted not by Baba Ijesha, but by someone close to Princess.

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Baba Ijesha, according to him, said:

”Another curious aspect is that the girl admitted to being sexed, not by Baba Ijesha, but by someone who is linked to Princess and is currently in police custody. Nobody is bringing it up.

Please cite me! Unless the cops lie and claim that someone was arrested because the girl admitted that Baba Ijesha did not sleep with her and that the guy who has been sexually abusing her stays on my street and is in Panti.

Then, which judicial system will investigate the entire SC