Bandits raid a community in Zamfara, killing six people and kidnapping women and children.

Six persons were slain when bandits raided Rijiya Village in Zamfara State’s Gusau Local Government Area.

Several others, including women and children, were kidnapped in the attack on Sunday, November 7 at around 1.30p.m. The bandits invaded the village on motorcycles and began shooting at people, according to Musa Sani, a rural resident who fled to Gusau town.

Sani claims he was in another section of the hamlet when he heard gunfire and locals begging for rescue. This prompted him to flee to the protection of the bush.

“I was in another area of the village when I heard gunfire and residents shouting. I raced to a neighbouring farm and hid until the bandits had fled the village “He went on to say.

“We discovered that they had shot and killed six individuals and wounded several more when they departed the hamlet.”

They also kidnapped a large number of women and children, the exact number of whom is unknown.”

“I left the village and came to Gusau because I was afraid the bandits would return because this is not the first time these guys have attacked us,” he explained.

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