Beninese Court Adjourns Igboho’s Case To Monday As FG Fails To File Extradition Charges

Beninese Court Adjourns Igboho’s Case To Monday As FG Fails To File Extradition Charges

The court hearing for embattled Yoruba Nation activist Sunday Adeyemo alias Sunday Igboho over immigration difficulties has been rescheduled for Monday, July 26.

On Thursday evening, the Court ruled that Igboho be remanded in the custody of Brigade Criminelle in Cotonou pending the Nigerian Government’s submission of charges.

According to The Nation, Igboho and his wife, Ropo, were apprehended on Monday at the Cardinal Bernardin International Airport in Cotonou while attempting to board a trip to Germany.

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Mr. Maxwell Adeleye, Media Communications Secretary of the Yoruba self-determination groups’ umbrella organisation Ilana Omo Oodua (IOO), stated the case has been deferred till Monday, July 26th, to allow the Federal Government to present whatever evidence they may have against Igboho.

“The Lawyers handling the matter indicated after the proceedings that Chief Sunday Adeyemo lgboho cannot be extradited to Nigeria for two primary reasons,” it said.

“1. That, contrary to popular belief, Nigeria and Benin do not have an Extradition Treaty.

“2. That Nigeria has failed to present charges that would compel the court to order lgboho’s extradition to Nigeria.”

“What the Nigerian government came up with were simply charges against Ighoho, such as trafficking in weaponry and encouraging violence that could lead to civil unrest, without any evidence...”

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