Davido Calls Yomi Fabiyi Mumu Over Protest Video

Davido Calls Yomi Fabiyi Mumu Over Protest Video

Davido Calls Yomi Fabiyi Mumu Over Protest Video

Davido Calls Yomi Fabiyi Mumu Over Protest Video

Davido, the multi-award-winning musician, has responded to the recent viral video of Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi protesting his colleague Baba Ijesha’s continued detention.

According to The Nation, famous Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has urged the police to release his colleague, Olanrewaju Omiyinka aka Baba Ijesha, who is accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

He requested Baba Ijesha’s release from detention by May 12th, 2021, during which he plans to mobilize Nigerians for a protest.

On his Instagram page, Fabiyi, who has been a vocal supporter of Baba Ijesha, claimed that the actor’s continued detention without trial is a breach of his human rights.

Fabiyi led a demonstration in Panti against his colleague, Baba Ijesha, who was arrested for molesting a minor.

Fabiyi marched from the Casino bus stop to the Panti Police Station during the rally, joined by other demonstrators.

They requested that Baba Ijesha be released from detention pending the outcome of his case in court.

The demonstrators were seen holding placards and banners that read, among other things, “denial of bail for a bailable offense is a human rights violation,” “Nigeria police, please allow the law to dictate to you, not Iyabo Ojo, Princess, and co,” “release Baba Ijesha,” and “Nigeria police must respect human rights and honor bail for a bailable offense.”

The 30BG manager, who has earned accolades from prominent figures, colleagues, and fans for reaching a decade on stage, responded to Yomi’s protest video on social media.

While reacting to the video, the singer of “Omo Baba Olowo” called Yomi a “stupid fellow,” noting that he was the only one among the protesters who was not wearing a mask.

“Notice he the only one without a mask… mumu,” Davido said in a tweet following Yomi Fabiyi’s protest video.

Tweeps responded to the video as well, confirming Davido’s argument about Yomi Fabiyi.

“Mumu of the highest order!!!” tweeted @Dovelay22. He’s attempting to make a ridiculous argument. Is he still allowed to hold the placard if that little girl is his daughter, Oluya bi machine obioma!!!!”

“Better mumu man!” said @Akpofure willy. Imagine what kind of society we’ve created now!

“For the minds of those wey follow em keep banner, den be like ” werey do fast pay us our money make we move…”, said @Black finest1.

“Mumu unlimited,” tweeted @hardewumipaul.

“I’m a Wizkid fan, I swear I love you so much for this Davido,” @Brightken6 said. Na mumu be that, and I’m sure it’ll happen to his daughter as well, and then he’ll know how it is.”

“Obo wen dis happen to his own daughter, him go know better, na really Mumu him be.”