Gbeminiyi, Iyabo Ojo’s Former PA, Responds When The Actress Accuses Her Of Wrecking Her Business

Iyabo Ojo Drags Her Bestie For Teasing Her On Instagram

Gbeminiyi, Iyabo Ojo’s Former PA, Responds When The Actress Accuses Her Of Wrecking Her Business

Gbeminiyi, Iyabo Ojo’s Former PA, Responds When The Actress Accuses Her Of Wrecking Her Business

Iyabo’s former PA, Gbeminiyi has responded after the actress had accused her best friend, Omo Brish of being in close contact with her after she tried ruining her business.

In a previous update, Iyabo Ojo had called out her best friend, Omo Brish as she tagged her a manipulator and also accused her of not severing her relationship with her former PA who attempted to ruin her business.

However, her former PA, Gbeminiyi has responded as she accused Iyabo of trying to subdue her to unjust cyberbullying and also has dared Iyabo to spill out all that transpired between them.

Here’s what Gbeminiyi wrote;

‘Yoruba so wipe : tà bà leni, ta o baní, íwò la nbání shòta mò!!!
In this life, we meet ppl who add value 2 our lives n som cause us unending pain but guess what, life goes on.

I hv bn quiet on d issue btw me&my ex-boss Iyabo Ojo nt becos I am scared 2 speak bt becos silence is golden bt I think @ dis point I nid 2 clear d air.

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Whateva d issue btw u & aunt Tocyn is , it’s no business of mine n has absolutely nothin 2do wit me so dnt use me as a bait. U av tried everythin humanly possible 2 hurt me, subjecting me 2 unendin cyber bully , cuttin pple off me all becos u claim I wronged u wc I neva did.

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Can u b truthful wit urself 4 once n tell everyone d real cause of ur brouhaha wit auntie Tocyn becos d last I checked auntie Tocyn doesn’t live in Nig, I haven’t seen her in a long time neither do we communicate becos u av told everyone 2 stay away frm me witout me doing no wrong 2 them.

I saw you circled my likes on her page, u dnt own me neither can u tell me whose pics 2 like. Besides, auntie Tocyn isn’t ur only friend I like their pics n comment on their post , why nt fight others too. U tell me to disrespect, block n stay away frm pple becos u are fighting them wc I alwys do only 2 realise dat u make up wit these pple behind me leaving me in their bad book.

U fight anyone who say ordinary hello 2 me, u told everyone all sort of lies jst so they all hate me. Guess what Ms Iyabo Ojo , u pulled out my hidden strength becos EL-YAHWEH Neva left me 4 a mins.”

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In another post, Gbeminiyi wrote

I hear u say u took me like a daughter n I almst ruined ur business, hmmmmmm. A daughter sha, business sha… A daughter u openly beat n humiliate @ d slightest opportunity, a daughter who did u no good 4 14yrs, u’re d only sacrificial lamb. Business d@ we both knw what’s up, business I gave my best bt 2u I didn’t do jack. U claimed I took ur money , you&I know d@ @ that time, U had no kobo na package we dey package.

Some of us are wired properly so we know how to tame our mouth even in a fist of extreme anger becos eyin lohun, to ba ti jabo, ko shey ko…. Let God b d judge btw u&I.
It’s almost 3years n u still wouldn’t let go : shey nkan mi wa nibe ti e ko so:: pls leave me alone, let me live my life, keep my name out of ur mouth; ebé lánbè osiká . Keregbe to fo, deyin leyin odo
Fix your mess wit everybody ma’am!!!! Iré o”.

Check out screenshots: