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How Bobrisky Badmouthed Tonto Dikeh & Iyabo Ojo Oye Kyme Exposes Bob Leaks Chat

How Bobrisky Badmouthed Tonto Dikeh & Iyabo Ojo Oye Kyme Exposes Bob Leaks Chat

Oye Kyme, an embattled Ivorian woman, exposes Bobrisky by revealing behind-the-scenes crimes committed against Tonto Dikeh, Iyabo Ojo, and others while putting on a good face on social media.

This comes after Bobrisky refuted allegations that he assaulted Oye, whom he lavishly handled after she drew his tattoo on her body.

Tonto Dikeh is allegedly living a lie, driving her ex’s car, and abusing drugs, according to Oye Kyme

Not only that, but she also disclosed that Bobrisky chastised Iyabo Ojo for her response to Baba Ijesha’s rape case.

According to her,

“Money can’t buy what I have, you’re just a shameful, filthy human being Tonto Dikeh did a good job unfollowing you! Since you guys are known friends, you’ve been calling and spoiling her name, telling people on the phone that everybody has fucked her, that the house she’s living in isn’t for her, and that the car she used to post is for one of her ex-boyfriends who sells cars, and he used to borrow her car whenever she needed one, even though Tonto is a drug addict who lives in a shelter.

Even when iyabo came out and did a video about what baba ijesha was doing, she was just mocking iyabo, saying things like, “How do you have 4 million followers and not have any class making videos and shouting like a goat with your bra on?”

If you want to block me on Whatsapp, please do so. I don’t care, I’m going to expose your true face to the world. You gave Goodluck Grandmother 100k and said you gave them 200k, a liar. You left them in a hotel with hunger, and now they’re calling you to respect what you promised. You came out lying that they smoke when I first arrived in Lagos and before moving to your stinky house where all the toilets are spoiled.

# I apologize for my English, I am not a Nigerian, and I appreciate your patience #”



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