How To Detect Fake Bank Alert Payment

How To Detect Fake Bank Alert Payment

How To Detect Fake Bank Alert Payment


With the daily development of technology, can along both its positive and negative sides. Our world has so evolved and technology has made life easier for we humans. But surely there are some bad sides to this development. One of such being fraud.
In this post today, we will be discussing fake bank alert payment and how you can detect one. Again, technological development has made it very easy for people to carry out various dubious acts, one of such being the use of fake bank alert to scam people.
Without much to say, let get on with how to detect fake bank alert payment.

How Does Fake Bank Alert Work? 

It is quite simple how this works, fraudsters make use of “bulk SMS” in sending the bank alert messages. Now, Bulk SMS simply involves sending messages to a lot of people, making use of any sender name such as the Bank name, Network Name, Company Name. This method has proven to be very effective while saving cost.
Information Needed For The Process
There is only two vital information needed from you to carry out this dubious act. Your phone number and your bank account details.

• Phone Number 

When your phone number is known to them, they can simply spy and track all your bank activities with it. It is quite fascinating to know that your phone number is all they need to defraud you of your money.

• Bank Account Details  

With your phone number exposed, what is needed next is your bank account details such as your bank name, account name and your account number. With this two information known, the can easily send you fake bank alert payment.
How Fake Bank Alert Looks Like
Here is another worrying and fascinating thing about this process. The fake bank alert just looks so real like a normal bank alert that you simply can not easily know the difference if it is fake or real. Below is a sample of exactly what a fake bank alert looks like;
 Credit Alert!
Acc#: X0******XX77
Desc: 00100010000
Guaranty Trust Bank
Odewale Solomon
Time: 16/01/21/12:00 PM
Avail Bal: 200.000.67
Total Bal:279.00.09
How To Detect Fake Bank Alert Payment
So far am sure you now know how the process is done and the information needed to Cary out such dubious act. Now move on with how you can detect a fake bank alert payment.

• Alert Format

As stated above it might seem almost impossible to differentiate between a fake and real bank alert payment. But the format sure do says a lot as to if it is fake or real. Check the format of the bank alert, if you discover any slight or major differences from the normal alert you get, make sure to contact your bank immediately, that is a sign of fake bank alert payment.

• Verify With Account Balance Check

If the alert seems normal or different, the next thing you should do is to check your bank account balance and confirm if the money was added to your balance. With this, you can be certain as to if the money has been added or not.
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