How To Monitor Your Wife Or Your Girlfriend’s Phone Calls

To monitor your Wife Phone Conversation is Very Easy And Simple.,

You don’t need to stress yourself, there are many ways to check if your wife/ girlfriend is cheating on you.


I am very happy to be with you all, today i will be teaching you how to tap someone’s call.


Below are the steps

1= Firstly, you need to take the person’s phone when he or she is not around or seeing you.

2= Now dial this code in the person’s phone **21*174and your own number# eg **21*17408069999999#

3= After dialing the above code successfully, now whenever the person receives a phone call, your phone will also ring and when you answer, you will be able to listen to their conversation.

Please Don’t Call Me Baby Or Say You Love Me If You Don’t Have Plans To Marry Me Lady Gives Warning

HINT to cancel, press ##002# or ##21# ok

NB – This doesn’t work in all phones. And please you are advised to have credit on your phone



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