How we killed Obasanjo’s third term

General Theophilus Danjuma, a former Minister of Defence, has praised the book ‘Standing Strong,’ written by Ken Nnamani, a former President of the Senate, which concentrates on former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s alleged attempts to prolong his term in office.
“The book is a classic history of a country,” he added, applauding Nnamani. “We have the bad tendency of not respecting and conserving our past.” As a result, the falsehoods and distortions made the front pages live on.

“So, if you forget everything that happened this morning, don’t forget that the records of what truly happened have been documented, and everyone should endeavor to obtain them.”

The former Senate President recalled how he thwarted Obasanjo’s third-term agenda.

Nnamani said he wrote the book to remind Nigerians of the dangerous path it could have taken but for the vigilance and courage of some legislators, and to challenge the citizens never to abandon the responsibility of protecting due process for democracy to survive

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He added, “Our democracy was tested in 2006 and it passed. It was tested again in 2015 and passed. This has culminated in the Buhari presidency. The crucial 2015 test would not have been if we failed the 2006 test.