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“I’m Ashamed For Sleeping With My Boss Even Though I Want More” – Lady Seeks Advice

“I’m Ashamed For Sleeping With My Boss Even Though I Want More” – Lady Seeks Advice

Despite getting a boyfriend, a young lady cries out for advice about how to get out of the dilemma of sleeping with her boss and still wanting more.

According to a woman who reached out anonymously to Joro Olumofin, a famous relationship blogger, she had an affair with her boss in the office toilet and then with her boyfriend the next day.

According to her,

“Good afternoon; I feel so bad. I slept with my boss last week. It happened so fast, I couldn’t resist him. He came inside me, I use a tissue to remove some of the sperm in the office toilet. Am on my safe period tg. when I got to my place my bf called that he is outside. He started having s*x with me. I didn’t want to say no because he will suspect I never reject him. He gave me head, I felt bad because my boss sperm was still inside me.
I have been crying.
I have been avoiding my boss but I want more.
I feel so bad.
How will I leave this.
Am now wearing skirt.
God help me
Joro my bf don’t deserve this”

Lady seeks Advice

Lady seeks Advice

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