In Kaduna, Nigeria, gunmen attack a retired Air Force general and his physiotherapist.

Former Director of Medical Training Operations at the Defence Headquarters, Air Vice Marshal M. M. Maisaka (Rtd), was assassinated at his home in Rigasa, Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, by gunmen presumed to be assassins.

On Monday night, November8, the deceased was shot dead beside his physiotherapist (also a NAF personnel), according to reports. On Tuesday, Saleh Bala, the deceased’s son and brother-in-law, confirmed the news on social media.

“Innalillahi wa innailaihir raijun… Innalillahi wa innailaihir raijun… Please pray for my father (Air vice marshal maisaka). He and his orderly were slain at his home yesterday (Monday),” the son wrote.

According to reports, the late Airforce General was one of the country’s best neurologists until falling unwell and traveling to India for medical treatment before returning to the country two months ago. According to the Nigerian Tribune, a family source who requested anonymity said his death could be linked to the country’s ongoing banditry, as he was considered as a shield in his neighborhood.

“Yes, you are aware that our village has been exposed to a number of bandit attacks. However, he tried his hardest to halt their onslaught on multiple times while he was alive. They were displeased “According to the source.

According to reports, he received a threat message roughly two weeks ago, in which the content stated that he will be assassinated Monday night.

The police and other security personnel were notified of the threat message.

Meanwhile, the late officer’s brother-in-law used Facebook to recount the events of the day. Read on to learn more:

“AVM Mohammed Maisaka (Rtd) was assassinated.

May Allah keep Nigeria’s affairs and our lives in his hands. Armed guys arrived at my brother-in-residence law’s in Rigasa, Kaduna, late yesterday evening, met him in the living room with his wife, my sister Inno, and shot him to death.

They’d gone to the boys’ quarters and forced his physiotherapist (also a NAF member) to lead them into the main home. They also killed the physio in the commotion. Definitely a case of premeditated murder.

They told my sister that they didn’t have an issue with her and just left the house without cleaning anything up or harming anyone else, despite my sister’s pleas for them to also take her life. Maisaka had been crippled for almost three years due to a medical issue and had been undergoing rehabilitation before his murder yesterday.

Whoever is to blame for this must have had a lengthy grudge against Maisaka, because he hasn’t been seen in public for a long time, except in the context of treatment abroad, recuperation at home, or visits to a local hospital for evaluations or emergency care. Allah is the most knowledgeable. May Allah bless him Jannah by his shahada (martyrdom). Ameen!

Maisaka was a former Director of the Nigerian Air Force Medical Services and a lecturer in Internal Medicine at ABU Teaching Hospital, where she assisted in the training of hundreds of doctors in Nigeria and overseas.

He created and ran a private hospital in the highly crowded Rigasa neighborhood, against family opposition, as his characteristic character for social service. Despite his social prominence, he refused to live outside of the community where he also built his retirement home. Our family has suffered a loss. “Nigeria has indeed lost.”

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