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I’ve Endured Only What Jesus Can Endure My Girlfriend Makeup Game Is Very Bad Man Laments

I’ve Endured Only What Jesus Can Endure My Girlfriend Makeup Game Is Very Bad Man Laments

A man has revealed how bad his girlfriend’s makeup game is and how he has to put up with her stupid makeup application on her face.

Here’s what he narrated;

“Joro,” says the narrator. Good morning… my girlfriend doesn’t know how to put on makeup. Please, tell me how to tell her in a polite way. We’re supposed to go out on Friday, and I’d like to look better or not wear makeup at all. Her bare face is more appealing to me. I’d rather she looked like SU or Born Again’s Omo Alkin from a Yoruba film, or Aro Meta. Hmm, I’ve been through things that only Jesus can. My GF makeup skills are abysmal. She puts so much mascara on her lips, and when she hugs you, it’s as if she’s smearing makeup all over your body. My friends have protested, and then she draws a line with her lipstick, as if she’s trying to hit her chin. She buys cheap cosmetics such as – cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics.

Sun of a small size You’ll think she’s crying if her mascara melts. I offer her money so she can shop. I had to call my ex in Lagos and inquire about the cost of her makeup. I told my GF, and she replied, “Is she a runs girl who will spend a lot of money on makeup?” What should I do, please? She is a good cook and a pleasant guy. It’s just this makeup that’s going to put me over the top. This can’t really be how Abeg’s life is. Her mates are too wicked to tell her she isn’t doing it right, which is irritating. They would inspire you to dress up in public, 0 God.”

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