Kidnappers Of Varsity Students Raise Ransom To N160m

Kidnappers Of Varsity Students Raise Ransom To N160m

Kidnappers Of Varsity Students Raise Ransom To N160m

Kidnappers who kidnapped 23 students and a member of staff from Greenfield University in Kaduna have demanded N160 million in ransom for the remaining 16 students in their den.

They had previously reduced the ransom demand from N500 million to N100 million when the students were 17 years old. The kidnappers have requested that ten brand-new Honda motorcycles be shipped to them as part of the abductees’ release conditions.

However, The Nation reported yesterday that the bandits had abandoned the idea of a joint payment of N100 million in favor of individual payments by the students’ parents.

“They (bandits) called today (yesterday) and asked me to bring N10 million to get my child out,” said one of the parents who verified the news.

Gumi also expresses optimism about the release of varsity students.

“We’re at a loss about what to do. After we had paid them more than N55 million, they demanded N100 million for all the children. With this, they are now requesting N160 million because they already have 16 of our children with them.

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“We’re powerless. When we told them we couldn’t raise N100 million as a group, they said, “Where do you want us to get N160 million from?”

On April 20, 2021, 23 students and the matron of the female student hostel were abducted from the university, according to The Country.

Five of the students were killed a few days after the kidnapping, allegedly due to the parents’ and school administration’s inability to pay the N800 ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

Last week, the bandits threatened to kill the remaining captives if the ransom was not paid by last Tuesday, which they later reduced to N100 million.