Man Cheated On His Wife With 36 Ladies

Man Cheated On His Wife With 36 Ladies

Man Cheated On His Wife With 36 Ladies

Man Cheated On His Wife With 36 Ladies

lady who seems to be struck by bitterness and sorrow has surfaced on social media to narrate how her husband cheated on her with 36 ladies.

Narrating the painful experience, the lady traced the history of her husband’s infidelity back to the time they were dating, as she disclosed that he was secretly seeing someone else throughout the period of 5 years they dated.

She noted that things grew worse after marriage as her husband metamorphosed into a chronic cheat who can’t be seen during the day, but at night only.

Man Cheated On His Wife With 36 Ladies

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The lady however uncovered the painful part of it all when she saw the phone numbers of 36 ladies and 23 female account numbers in his car.

Sharing this disheartening piece, she wrote:

“I honestly think marriage in Nigeria is ordained by the devil, the stress a woman goes through is just too much. I dated my husband for 5 years, but I never knew he was dating some other girl too secretly. After marriage the girl started getting close to me I use to see her around I thought she is just the area girl..”

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Read the story below:

Husband Lady 36 CheatedHusband Lady 36 Cheated

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