Man Narrates How He Received Three Resounding Slaps From His Babe During A Date

Man Narrates How He Received Three Resounding Slaps From His Babe During A Date

After receiving a resounding slap from his girlfriend during a date, a young man took to Twitter to recount the most humiliating moment of his life.

@Akoh, who seems to be upset by the situation, argued that he wasn’t flirting with her friend as the alleged girlfriend thought.

Here’s what he said on Twitter:

“I shouldn’t tweet this, but I won’t feel any better if I don’t.” This is the second time a woman has assaulted me because I am not providing her with what she desires. This happened late last night. The third must not occur.
So, well, this babe is just there. He wants me to go on a date, but I refuse. Then we went to my regular hangout place. Then there’s her mate, with whom we had previously exchanged greetings. But we were just catching up, and she was on her phone watching something.
She’s just a friend, but she calls me “boo” every now and then. She rested her head on my shoulder while watching something on her phone and sitting beside me, and I didn’t even notice. Since, as is customary, I was browsing Twitter. Nothing concerns me

Her friend returns from the restroom and notices her on my shoulder, followed by the word “kpass” on my right cheek. I figured it was an obvious joke when he said, “So you’re flirting with my friend,” so I just laughed it off. And I said, “Stop it,” because it was already three slaps after 20 seconds. That’s when I realized, “Broo, this is serious shit.”

When all of this was going on, I was just confused.
But I just kept my cool and walked away because I promised myself I’d never hit a woman.
In my entire life, I have never been treated with such disdain as I was last night. As I was leaving, I warned her that she could never speak to me again in her life.

The number has been blocked and trashed. I’m finished.
I texted a friend to apologize, and I’ve blocked that number as well.”

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