Man Renounces Position As First Son In Abia State [PHOTOS]


Man Renounces Position As First Son In Abia State [PHOTOS]

There is no doubt that in Nigeria, a patriarchal society, the title of “the first son” comes with a slew of benefits and significant respect. As a result of parents’ desire to have sons, first sons earn a great deal of love and affection.

While being the first son may appear to be the ideal birth-order placement for any Nigerian infant, no one rides the struggle bus harder than this group of people. This might be the reason this young man decided to renounce his position as the first son of the family.

In his letter, he stated;


I think it will be fine-saving if I avoid the usual preliminary pleasantries and jump straight into the purpose of this letter and I hope you will be kind enough to accord this letter a dispassionate. After years of deep reflection, I have come to the conclusion that the position of the first son increases my family problems. The position is a total liability to me, a setback and a thorn in my flesh, hence I am writing to formally inform you that I have renounced my position as your first son in the folly and I am willing to allow my immediate younger brother, Ikenna to take over the position if he so desires. By this letter, I am also relinquishing ALL my entitlements and heritage as your first son to Ikenna and Victor and they are free to treat all these entitlements as they wish. I, therefore, plead that going forward I should no longer be addressed as the first son of your family, I am willing to become the last born, If possible.

Your Son,


RENUNCIATION OF FIRST SON POSITIONDid he make the right decision? We would love to hear your opinion on the comment section.

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