Mr Macaroni Celebrates 28Th Birthday, Lavish Fans With Cash Gift (Video)

Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni celebrates 28th birthday, lavish fans with cash gift (Video)

Mr Macaroni, a famous comedian and actor, has chosen to bring a smile to the faces of some of his fans as he marks his birthday celebration.

Mr Macaroni, whose real name is Debo Adebayo, turned 28 on May 3 and wanted to celebrate with a few of his fans and followers.

The IG skit-maker was seen gifting cash gifts to people who couldn’t believe the generous gesture in an emotional video posted on his website.

Mr Macaroni

In the video, Mr Macaroni can be seen patronizing a young hawker who charges N300 for a single object. He shocked the boy, however, by handing him a wad of cash and telling him he wanted to pay N30k for the piece.

Another person who benefited was a woman who was asked what she would do with N50k in her life. She had no idea the comedian and his crew members would hand over the money to her.

Take a look at the video below to see:


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