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Nowadays Everybody Is Fvcking Everybody Singer Rasz

Nowadays Everybody Is Fvcking Everybody Singer Rasz

Nigerian singer, Rasz took to his Instagram page to rant over the non-existence of love in this new millennium.

He noticed that in his time, he grew up knowing that “I love you” is for real and one will never let go no matter what comes as the love then was stronger and deeper.

Rasz further said that people coming in recent times, change relationships faster than toothbrushes and towels.

Here’s what he wrote;

I grew up in an Era where if someone says “I love you” they meant it and they never let go no matter what.. The love then was stronger and the S x was deeper and meaningful.. Nowadays y’all are just pathetic and everybody fucking everybody.. People be changing relationships faster than they change their fucking tooth brushes and towels.. rail females be jumping from one guy’s bed to the next.. And the guys are even worse.”


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