Passive Income: How To Make Up To N5000 Weekly with Kuda Bank

make money with kuda

Kuda Bank app is another application that offers a referral reward similar to the Chipper Cash as well as others. I am delighted to have you with me today and I’m going to show you in-depth how you can start earning up to 5,000 naira each week through the Kuda Bank’s referral program.

The Kuda Bank referral program is running for several months and I am pleased to let you know that the program continues to be growing and is paying current customers to bring in new customers as was promised.

What Is Kuda Bank?

Kuda Bank was originally named Kudi bank but was later rebranded as Kuda is a no-cost mobile-only bank that is fully authorized through the central bank in Nigeria. It functions as an online wallet, which lets anyone save, withdraw and transfer money for free.

As an approved participant of Kuda Bank, you will have access to a complimentary debit card that can be used to take funds from your Kuda Account with no maintenance fees and much more.

Kuda Bank Referral Program

To avoid wasting the time you have, we’ll go to the section for referrals in the application and the principal issue to be addressed during this post.

Kuda Bank has lunched a referral program that gives you the chance to reward existing member with an enticing amount of N200 when you let you invite a friend to download and create an account through their referral codes.

Imagine earning N200 for every referral, which is a staggering sum of N1,000 per five people.

Kuda will pay you your entire referral income from the previous week the week following.

If, for example, you encourage 10 members who are verified to download the Kuda app using your referral link this week. The N2,000 reward will be sent to you next week Monday.

Read on and you’ll be able to earn money with this app before leaving.

How To Register And Become A Verified Member On Kuda Bank

1. Download Kuda and sign up. Utilize this number HNRBCFTU (This is vital).

2. Once you have downloaded the Kuda application, you need to sign up using the correct information and make sure that the referral code you enter in the referral code section is exactly the same as what is shown above.

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3. You must provide the accurate bank Verification number ( the BVN ) at the time of registration. Don’t be worried, your data are safe in the application. If you can be sure that the bank is authorized to issue the BVN for you, you shouldn’t need to worried about this. Kuda application is licensed through the Central Bank of Nigeria.

4. Visit the account upgrade section and provide your valid ID card to verify that you are the person who submitted it.

5. Once you’re completed your registration then you can activate your account by transferring 100 N to the Kuda bank account using any method you choose. The options for funding the account are shown to you in the application.

This N100 is required to be kept on the app to ensure that your account is active.

6. It’s time to duplicate your Referral Link and Code to earn cool money using the application.

How To Earn Amounts of N5000 Every Week Through the Kuda Bank Referral Program.

1. After you have activated your account, log in to the app and click more on the end of the application.

2. Click on referral, copy your referral code. Then, click share with your friends to take your referral hyperlink.

3. As many friends as you can and be patient until Monday to receive credit for the week’s worth of referral.

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Go through this article and then digest it. Then you’re all set. I’m certain that you’ll be fine If you happen to find any issue, leave it in the comments box below and you’ll be notified immediately.

Kuda Referral Code – What You Should Know About It And How It Works

Kuda refer code an exclusive invitation code that reveals who recommended an individual to install the application. And in this part, I will demonstrate how to acquire the referral code. Although I’ve provided the steps to obtain it in the previous section of this article, however, I wanted to focus on this, so you can understand its importance of it.

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To be able to earn payment for each person you have referred on the program, the person needs to be registered with your Kuda referral code since it is the sole method that the system can identify the person who made the referral.

How To Get Kuda Referral Code

To obtain your unique Kuda referral code, just sign in to your kuda Account, scroll down to at the bottom of the application and then select”more” or the “more” option at the top-right edge of the application.

You will be directed through an alternative menu, then click on Referral. You will be taken to a web page that contains your Kuda referral code. Click on the copy button at the bottom, transfer the code onto your clipboard and then share it with your friends.

Facts to Learn About Kuda Referral Program

1. All of your referrals need to register using your referral number and enable their accounts by funding it with N100.

2. You must sign up using your Bank Verification Number to be paid referral fees and your referrals must do exactly the same.

3. You will receive a payment for each Referral every Monday.

4. The referral earnings you earned during the week preceding could vanish on the Monday following, don’t worry, they’re transferring it to your primary balance, which will make it easily withdrawable.

Benefits Of Kuda Bank App

1. No transaction fee or card maintenance fees.

2. The ATM card is free which can be used to withdraw money at more than 3,000 ATMs in Nigeria.

3. Friendly support interface. You receive a prompt response whenever you reach out to their support.

4. Complete transaction reports and much more.

Feel free to ask questions…

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