Producers of sachet water explain why the price of a bag of sachet water has risen from N100 to N200.

Clementina Ative, the National President of the Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP), has explained why the organization raised the price of a sachet water bag from?100 to? 200. On Tuesday, November2, Ative told reporters that the association raised the price of one bag to N200.00 in order for members to produce and distribute excellent and wholesome water to Nigerians rather than searching for methods to cut corners, which might lead to quackery and poor water.

“We started selling sachet water in1998,” she says. The price of a litre of fuel back then was N11.00. N170,000 per tonne for pure water nylon. Each package cost N700.00 for the packaging bag. We were selling a bag of pure water that had 20 sachets for N50.00 to retailers and a sachet for N5.00 to the general public. Between 1998 and2012, all of our production’s components climbed in price, with nylon reaching N600,000 per tonne, packaging bags reaching N3.500 per bundle, petrol reaching N97.00 per litre, and all of our production’s components, from treatment medians to cleaning solutions, rising in price.

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We didn’t have a choice but to raise our price to N100.00 to the retailers, per bag and a sachet was being marketed to the general population for N10.00.

Since2012, the prices of all of our production’s components have risen to the point that we can no longer handle them. Nylon has increased in price to N1,550,000 per tonne, while packing bags have increased in price to N7.000 every bundle. Diesel is now N320 per litre, and we all rely on generators to get by. she enquired.

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